Yellowstone's Season 5, Part 2 Finale: Star Drops Hints on What's to Come

Yellowstone's Season 5, Part 2 Finale: Star Drops Hints on What's to Come
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Looks like we are in for an epic finale.


  • The final 6 episodes of Yellowstone will be released as early as November 2024.
  • Actor Ian Bohen shared his excitement for the finale.
  • The show's ratings indicate that viewers are eager for the story to continue.

The final episodes of one of the best neo-Western series of the last few decades, Taylor Sheridan's Yellowstone, are six months away from hitting our small screens. The anticipation is building, and with it the anxiety about how well Paramount's flagship series will wrap up.

We all know how important the finale is to any television project — for example, no matter how good Lost or Game of Thrones were, the endings left us with an incredibly bitter taste that forever ruined our impressions of those iconic shows. And in the context of Kevin Costner's departure from Yellowstone midway through Season 5, those concerns seem more than valid.

However, actor Ian Bohen is more than confident that we're in for a worthy ending.

Yellowstone Actor on the Finale of the Iconic Western Series

Last month, Yellowstone star Ian Bohen, who plays hired ranch hand Ryan, shared his thoughts with ET Online about what's coming in Season 5B. Read what Bohen had to say below:

'The fans are going to get the [best] conclusion that could possibly be written. Everything will land in a way that is perfectly set. A lot of shows just kind of finish... and they don't satisfy you. This will be completed in a way that it will make sense. I don't know that any show has finished this strongly ever. We're expecting to have the best series finale in history. Overconfident maybe, but I think that's what it's going to be. We thank everyone for their patience... It'll be worth the wait, I promise.'

Taylor Sheridan noted in one of the recent interviews that despite the disappointment, he does not intend to write off the character just because of Costner's departure, but it is unclear how the plot will end without him. And it remains unknown whether Costner will return in the final episodes or not.

Yellowstone's Ratings Have Only Increased with Each Season

Yellowstone has been an incredibly popular show for years, carving out a significant niche on both cable and streaming television. And while the narrative created by Taylor Sherridan has taken a bit of a backseat in Season 5, seemingly losing focus amidst the myriad of characters and storylines, the show's ratings have only grown.

For example, the first episode of Yellowstone Season 5, Part 1, on November 13, 2022, drew 9.41 million viewers, more than any other cable television project. By comparison, the fourth season of HBO's Succession, which was touted as Yellowstone's main competitor at the time of its release, averaged about 0.7 million viewers.

Below, we have provided Nielsen ratings for the most popular episodes of all Yellowstone seasons released to date to show that the show's ratings continue to grow:

  • Season 1 — Episode 9, The Unravelling, Pt. 2 — 0.4
  • Season 2 — Episode 10, Sins of the Father — 0.6
  • Season 3 — Episode 10, The World Is Purple — 0.9
  • Season 4 — Episode 10, Grass on the Streets and Weeds on the Rooftops — 1.8
  • Season 5, Part 1 — Episode 1, One Hundred Years Is Nothing — 1.9

High Expectations for Yellowstone Season 5, Part 2

As we can see, the anticipation for the story to continue only grew as the finale of each season approached, and by the time Season 5 kicked off, the show's credibility had given it an unprecedented level of fan enthusiasm.

Certainly Taylor Sheridan understands the importance of ending the series properly, or else, with such high audience expectations, it would result in one of the biggest fiascos in television history.

So we continue to wait impatiently for the release of the final episodes of the series. Yellowstone Season 5, Part 2 is scheduled for release on November 10, 2024.

Source: ET Online.

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