Will Christopher Return to LA? 5 Theories on 9-1-1 Season 7's Biggest Plot Twist

Will Christopher Return to LA? 5 Theories on 9-1-1 Season 7's Biggest Plot Twist
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The boy will surely be back next season. But how will that happen?

After the plot twists of the previous seventh season of 9-1-1, we should expect more drama in the future. While the story arcs of some characters turned out to be rather calm, other characters had a challenging time on the contrary. And one of them was Edmundo Diaz (Ryan Guzman).

Eddie is still struggling with the loss of his wife, and it was during this period of his life that a woman eerily resembling Shannon (also played by Devin Kelley) entered his life and became a method of coping with grief for the wretched firefighter. Except it only traumatized his son Christopher (Gavin McHugh), who accidentally caught his father with his mother's doppelganger.

As a result, the boy made the difficult but incredibly mature decision to move to his grandparents' house in Texas to feel safe and not trigger the trauma further.

Since Gavin is still on the show (at least there is no mention to the contrary) and his character went to live with his grandparents for a while, we should expect Eddie's son to return as early as next season. But how is that even possible, given the seemingly insurmountable distance between the two? We have come up with five intriguing theories.

5. Something Bad Will Happen Back at Home

Maybe there will be a serious incident in Los Angeles that threatens first responders (and the likelihood of the writers touching on natural disasters in Season 8 is very high), or something will happen directly to Eddie. But let's face it, such an outcome is not only obvious in its simplicity, but also doesn't allow father and son to draw any meaningful conclusions after the last time.

4. The 118 Will Convince Christopher to Come Back

A much more thoughtful plot choice would have been for Eddie, feeling worse without his son and not wanting to return to an empty house, to start spending all his time at the 118's houses. As a result, he would overstay his welcome and become a cause for concern (hopefully he won't go back to fighting!), which would force his coworkers to convince Christopher to return home.

3. Christopher Has to Go Back to School!

And of course we should not forget that Chris has a new school year ahead of him, so he will have to go back to school in LA. Of course, he could attend school in Texas, but the child still needs his familiar environment, so it is likely that Chris will return at the beginning of the school year, or no later than the winter break.

2. Can Chris Find the Space He Needs in Texas?

While it was a healthy decision for Chris to leave a place where he could literally run into his own mother's doppelganger, it's far from certain that he'll find solace in Texas — Helena and Ramon may not provide the comfort he needs.

It would have been a good twist to show the boy himself that everyone, whether grandparents or fathers, is complicated and ambiguous, but our mistakes make us stronger, and therefore people are worth forgiving.

1. Chris Will Realize Eddie Is Not Perfect, but Still a Loving Father

But whatever the reason for the return, we think the writers simply need to give father and son time to reflect. For Eddie to realize how much his own grief has begun to overshadow the present, especially life with Chris, and for the boy to realize that even though his father is a mess, he still loves and cares for him more than anyone in the world.