Will Angie Go to Jail After What Happened With Crystal in Will Trent S2 Finale?

Will Angie Go to Jail After What Happened With Crystal in Will Trent S2 Finale?
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Looks like we should start worrying. But that doesn't mean the character won't appear in Season 3!


  • In the Season 2 finale, Angie refused to tell Will who Lenny's killer really was.
  • This not only broke Trent's heart, but also led to her arrest.
  • The showrunners shared their thoughts on what's in store for Angie in Season 3.

Due to its popularity, ABC has renewed Will Trent for a third season in April 2024, and we are very much looking forward to the continuation of this excellent procedural, considering how intense the events turned out to be.

As we know, the potential romance between Will and Angie is finally buried due to the consequences of the latter's actions.

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In the last episode, after Angie concealed that Crystal was Lenny Broussard's killer, Will arrested his lover. But does this mean that Angie Polaski is only going to jail now and will we see her in Season 3?

Will and Angie's Potential Romance Seems Over

As we've seen in Season 2, the writers were clearly trying to bring the title character closer to Erika Christensen's Angie Polaski by turning their on-and-off status into a full commitment.

In the episode Have You Never Been to a Wedding?, Will once again confronted his childhood trauma, including his foster father and his mother. It was at this point that Angie, who also happens to be a survivor of the foster care system, brought comfort to the protagonist in the form of a passionate kiss.

But sadly, it looks like a healthy relationship is not in the cards, as Angie not only broke the law, but she also broke Will's heart. Before he arrested Polaski, we were treated to an incredibly heartbreaking scene in which Trent imagined what their life together could have been. All the growing closeness between them, all the big decisions in Will's life were torn apart after he arrested the love of his life.

Will Angie Go to Jail?

Of course, many fans are worried about the future of Angie, who has been trying to make the best of a messy situation with Crystal and her string of sex offender murders. But what does the future hold for her? Will she end up behind bars, and if not, how likely is it that her career as a cop will end?

When asked if we should expect Angie to return to the GBI, or at least the APD, or start her new career path as a private investigator, co-showrunners Liz Heldens and Daniel Thomsen said that they are not writing the character off and are considering what her future fate should be.

'Everything is on the table now. We have to look at the ecosystem of the show. But we are big, big, big Erika Christensen fans over here. I love watching her, and personally I would follow [Angie] wherever she went,' Heldens shared. Looks like we are in for an intriguing (and clearly worrisome) new storyline.

'One of the things that I'm very interested in examining is that, in real life, the way that cops go through the judicial system is different from normal people, especially when there’s righteous behavior involved. I think we want to spend some time and try and figure out what this would look like for somebody [like Angie] who was in this kind of situation [involving Lenny],' Thomsen added.

The showrunners specifically mentioned that they do not intend to focus on the long trial itself, as the series would quickly turn into a courtroom drama. Nevertheless, we will definitely see the full consequences of Angie's actions at the beginning of Season 3. In other words, it's unlikely that the writers will put the character behind bars (and if they do, it's unlikely to be for long), but we should certainly be prepared for some heavy drama involving both her and Will.

Source: TV Line.