Why Has the Blue Bloods Fandom Suddenly Turned Against Jamie Reagan?

Why Has the Blue Bloods Fandom Suddenly Turned Against Jamie Reagan?
Image credit: CBS

Fans suddenly hate the 'Golden Boy' of the Reagan family.


  • Season 14B will only be 8 episodes long, so fans are concerned how Jamie Reagan was presented.
  • Some have commented on how tired they are of Jamie's righteousness.
  • However, it does create a quality family dynamic in contrast to Danny.

Blue Bloods remains the perennial favorite on CBS, and network execs are certainly satisfied with its consistently high ratings. However, regardless of the cast and fandom's efforts to renew the show (a petition to renew the series has already garnered 28,000 signatures!), Season 14 will likely be the show's last.

Under these circumstances, fans are becoming increasingly concerned about whether the writers will be able to provide satisfying final arcs for each of the main characters with only 8 episodes left.

However, this issue might not have been so pressing for fans if the plot of Season 14 had some kind of substantial traction. Instead, it feels like the Reagans are stuck in the same place, not growing as characters in any way. In this context, it's worth noting that some fans have been particularly vocal about their dissatisfaction with Jamie Reagan, even though he seems to be the show's darling.

Let's break down why some people have turned against Jamie and how much the character deserves it.

Reasons Why Some Fans Get Tired of Jamie

When fans discuss who their least favorite Blue Bloods character is, it's usually someone like Eddie Janko-Reagan. A badass cop, a character who brought no small amount of freshness to the events of the show, Eddie's autonomy has been greatly diminished, with all of her actions limited to asking Danny or Jamie for help every time she's in trouble.

Heck, even Frank and Danny are often cited as unlikable characters, as Pops is known for his controversial decisions, and the New Kids on the Block member-turned-cop is known for being a hothead!

Therefore, it was quite unexpected to see a lot of heated criticism towards Jamie during the first part of Season 14. His strict by-the-book attitude seemed to get on the nerves of many viewers, especially in the context of his conflicts with his nephew Joe.

The problem is that some fans feel that Jamie is too perfect at everything. So much so that flawed characters stand in stark contrast to him, and when they make a mistake or trust their gut instead of the rules, we get too much self-absorbed whining from Jamie.

Plot Justifications for Why Jamie Is Who He Is

But does the 'Golden Boy' of the Reagan family really deserve so much hate? To a certain extent, the criticism is valid, as Blue Bloods is famous for its vibrant non-ideal characters. However, fans forget that what makes the Reagans so diverse is not the fact that every member of the family is flawed, unbalanced, and downright problematic.

What makes the Reagans so unique and fascinating is their diversity, which creates a constantly exciting dynamic.

The image of the ideal Jamie is primarily contrasted with his brother Danny. The former is the ideal Boy Scout, always following protocol and trying to keep his emotions in check. The latter, on the other hand, does not hesitate to break the rules in order to do what he believes is right and just. Both are excellent, honest cops who often have compassion for their victims, but it all shows how different the methods and perceptions of reality can be between those who grew up side by side.

This also adds to the family dynamic in that Jamie and Danny are direct parallels to Frank and Henry. The Commissioner, like Jamie, strictly follows the rules, while his father always follows the results. In other words, it becomes clear which of the two the kids spent more time with!

Season 14B will start in October 2024 and will consist of 8 episodes.