Who Or What Is Behind Gold Star In Criminal Minds: Evolution? Top 5 Theories (#5 Will Blow Your Mind)

Who Or What Is Behind Gold Star In Criminal Minds: Evolution? Top 5 Theories (#5 Will Blow Your Mind)
Image credit: ABC, Paramount

Let's dive right into the gripping mystery left by the finale of Evolution Season 1.

The wheels are turning for Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2 to the delight of all loyal fans. The beloved cast is hard at work on the set, and if all the stars align, we can expect the new episodes to land on Paramount+ as early as mid-2024.

The new installment has already been kicked off by the intense Season 1 finale. Ever since the season's main unsub, Elias Voit aka Sicarius, dropped the enigmatic term 'Gold Star,' fans have realized that it will become the main mystery of the new story.

In the months of waiting for the new season, fans have come up with their own theories about what Gold Star could mean. And some of them are quite intriguing.

Theory 1: Reid and Simmons' Secret Mission

Perhaps the most thrilling and somewhat wishful theory speculates that Gold Star refers to fan-favorite agents Spencer Reid and Matt Simmons, who, according to the plot, are on a top-secret FBI mission. This would mean that the mission is under significant threat and the agents need to return to talk to Voit, which is what we are here for.

In reality, however, the actors couldn't join the production due to scheduling conflicts, and unfortunately, there's no indication yet that any of them are back on set.

Theory 2: US Military Conspiracy

In U.S. military culture, a gold star holds deep significance as a symbol representing a family member who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving the nation. Because of this symbolism, some fans suspect a government conspiracy to cover up the deaths of military personnel.

If so, Season 2 could introduce new characters - military agents - working with the BAU and possibly even threatening its existence. Again.

Theory 3: Secret Assassin Program

Voit's background and his uncanny ability to evade official radar suggest some kind of special training. Thus, some fans have theorized that Gold Star could be a Bourne-like program to create government-controlled super-assassins that went awry. If Voit was once one of the program's subjects, it would explain how he knows about it and can manipulate other killers.

Theory 4: Agent Gone Rogue

Taking the previous theory a step further, Gold Star could be a former FBI agent turned serial killer. An even bigger one than Sicarius or his uncle. Such a killer on the loose would be a huge threat to the FBI's reputation, so the agency would certainly do everything to keep his actions under wraps.

In this case, Voit is of interest to the FBI not only because he could expose the cover-up publicly, but also because he might know the whereabouts of the rogue agent.

Theory 5: 'Dead' Agent

Have you spotted the stars on the wall alongside portraits of deceased FBI agents? Based on them, some fans have suggested that Gold Star could symbolize an agent in hiding, presumed dead, reminiscent of Emily Prentiss' storyline in Season 6 of the original series.

But who could it be? Notably, only one prominent character was killed off during the series. None other than Jason Gideon. Imagine everyone's excitement if Mandy Patinkin's character walks through the BAU door! After all, isn't that what the casting of his ex-wife hints at? Mind-blowing.

Are you excited about the possibility of Jason Gideon's comeback on Criminal Minds?