What is Chuck Norris Doing Now, in 2024?

What is Chuck Norris Doing Now, in 2024?
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Chuck Norris is so tough that even at 84, he still looks bursting with energy!


  • Until recently, Chuck Norris rarely appeared in movies or on television.
  • A movie starring him was released in 2024, and another is in the works.
  • The 84-year-old actor is in business and lives happily with his family on a ranch in Texas.

Agent Matt Hunter from Invasion U.S.A., Major Scott McCoy from Delta Force, Sergeant Eddie Cusack from Code of Silence, Ranger Cordell Walker from Walker, Texas Ranger, viral memes about superhuman abilities from the Internet of the 00s. All of this, of course, is Chuck Norris, the incomparable Hollywood legend, martial artist, author, and devoted Christian. His career spans nearly six decades, and in that time, Norris has distinguished himself not only as an action movie star, but also as a fine dramatic and comedic actor.

From feature films to television series, Chuck Norris' contribution to American pop culture is unparalleled. In the 2000s, however, he began to appear less frequently in film and television, and his last significant role on the big screen was in 2012's The Expendables 2. The actor is now 84 years old, so many people are probably wondering what he is doing with his life now.

Well, even now, Chuck Norris doesn't have to seek fame; in fact, it's fame that seeks Chuck Norris!

Chuck Norris Returns to the Movies

As we said, the last high-profile role of the living Hollywood legend was in 2012, when he played Booker 'The Lone Wolf' in The Expendables 2, a role that in many ways played on stereotypes and jokes about the actor. However, it would be completely unfair to Norris to say that he hasn't appeared anywhere else, because after that, the actor has been quite present on television in one capacity or another.

For example, in 2015 he appeared as himself in the sitcom The Goldbergs. Then, in 2019, the television special Chuck Norris's Guide to Epic Military Vehicles was released on the History Channel. In 2020, however, he made a cameo appearance as Sergeant Major Lee Phillips on CBS's Hawaii Five-0.

But starting in 2024, Chuck Norris is back on the big screen! The sci-fi action film Agent Recon was released on June 21. The movie follows a task force that must confront a powerful extraterrestrial entity that has taken over a secret military base in New Mexico. Available to buy or rent on Fandango at Home, Prime Video and Apple TV.

There is also another movie in the works with Norris. It's the Australian action-comedy Zombie Plane, in which the actor stars opposite Vanilla Ice and Sophie Monk. The trio play fictionalized versions of themselves who must prevent a zombie apocalypse by stopping a plane that has been hijacked by the undead.

What Is the Actor's Life Like in 2024?

In 2017, Norris officially suspended his acting career due to the illness of his wife, Gena Norris, who was poisoned after a routine MRI procedure. As a result, the couple sued several pharmaceutical companies, and the lawsuits appear to be ongoing. However, at least one lawsuit has reportedly been dismissed, and Norris has finally been able to return to film and television.

As of 2024, the actor's net worth stands at $70 million, and such an impressive fortune has been replenished not only by movies and TV series, but also by other ventures. For example, Norris continues to appear in all sorts of commercials and is an ambassador for Fiat. He also has assets from companies he founded with his wife, such as CForce Bottling Co. which focuses on drinking water. Notably, the company was founded after an aquifer was discovered on the family's ranch property.

Chuck Norris now lives with his family at the Lone Wolf Ranch in Navasota, Texas, and continues to enjoy life at the age of 84.

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Source: Celebrity Net Worth.

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