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We Are Not Ready For This Sick Comics Scene To Appear In The Boys

We Are Not Ready For This Sick Comics Scene To Appear In The Boys
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Of all the nauseating moments in The Boys lore, this is probably the worst.


  • The Boys have never shied away from violence and gore.
  • But there is one extremely disturbing scene in the original comic books that has yet to make its way to the screen.
  • It has to do with one of the most perverted characters, who in fact has the potential to appear in the show.

The Boys has never been afraid to tackle some of the most depraved and disturbing scenes, many of which come from the source comic series by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. Think Herogasm, Termite exploding his lover, Homelander's Oedipus complex, and basically everything Deep has done on screen.

All of these gross-out moments add to the special charm of the Amazon show that has millions of viewers glued to their screens. But there's one comic scene that has yet to make its way into the show, and frankly, we're not sure we're ready to see it on screen.

Teenage Kix

The scene in question refers to one of the most perverted characters in The Boys lore, Blarney Cock. He is a member of Teenage Kix, a group of teenage Supes owned and run by Vought International. The show did not feature the group, but mentioned them as the former team of A-Train and Popclaw.

In the comics, however, the group is active and its members are as corrupt and immoral as their fellow Supes in the Seven. When the Boys expose their misdeeds to the public, Teenage Kix picks a fight with them, and that's where the shocking scene comes from.

Blarney Cock's Pet

Powered by Compound V, Hughie can't control his strength and accidentally punches a hole in Blarney Cock's chest, killing the Supe instantly. It becomes Hughie's first kill in the comics.

But after Blarney dies, his body seems to still be moving, and in a sudden and stomach-churning development, a live hamster suddenly crawls out of his rectum. Apparently, the hamster was part of Blarney Cock's hideous sexual kink and practically living in its owner's anus.

Feeling sorry for the animal, Hughie decides to take the hamster with him and names it Jamie. One can only speculate how many times Hughie had to bathe Jamie before he felt comfortable enough to pet him.

However, the story doesn’t end there. Vought tries to revive Blarney with Compound V, but the process goes sideways and he becomes a zombie-like creature with only one goal - to find his beloved hamster. So Hughie has to kill the Supe again and burn his body so he can't come back to life.

Potential in the Series

Why do we think Blarney Cock might appear in The Boys? Well, the show has already made some references to his arc. More than that, his pet has already been introduced.

Remember that cute flying hamster from the Russian experimental lab in Season 3? The one that flew right through a soldier's eye and proceeded to eat his face? His name is Jamie, which is definitely an Easter egg for the depraved comic scene and probably a reference to the hamster's future owner (Blarney Cock's superpower is flying, by the way).

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Also, the comics reveal that Cock's real name is Martin Nurse, and he is the bastard child of Queen Maeve and The Legend, the Vought executive who popped up in Season 3. So, in theory, the showmakers could develop a storyline about Maeve's son, kept secret for years, who becomes a major antagonist after his mother's presumed death.

The third possibility for the show is to use Blarney Cock's resurrection plot. We know that Black Noir will appear in Season 4, even though he was finished off by Homelander. So presumably Vought will decide to resurrect him with the help of Compound V, echoing Blarney Cock's arc.

The first three episodes of The Boys Season 4 will premiere on Prime Video on June 13, 2024.

Do you think we will ever see Blarney Cock on Amazon's The Boys?