Virgin River Season 6 Leak Reveals 4 New Faces

Virgin River Season 6 Leak Reveals 4 New Faces
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We might get to see the rest of Jack's sisters!


  • Fans continue to share leaks from the set of Virgin River.
  • According to various leaks, the new season will feature four new cast members.
  • They are likely related to the upcoming wedding and Mel and Jack's desire to become parents.

The long-awaited sixth season of Virgin River isn't scheduled until next year, so we still have about six months of agonizing waiting ahead of us. Although we learned earlier this month that principal photography has wrapped and Season 6 has entered post-production, it's going to take a long time. Until then, all we can do is re-watch our favorite show, re-read Robyn Carr's book series, and, of course, take comfort in the reports and leaks of upcoming episodes — and there are quite a few of them, dear friends!

Along with information about what fans can expect to see in the quiet Northern California town (looks like a wedding is in the offing!), other particularly interesting details have begun to emerge. As such, in addition to the core cast, some familiar characters who didn't appear in Season 5 will be returning, as well as four brand new faces.

Let's find out which new actors will be joining the cast, who they might be playing, and what we can expect from Virgin River Season 6.

Four New Faces Join the Cast of Virgin River

In the case of the new VR cast, a fan account posted photos from the set on Instagram, suggesting they were from Jack and Mel's wedding. Unfortunately, the post was quickly deleted, but viewers remembered that the pics featured two new actresses, Gigi Neil and Erin Kathleen Boyes.

Gigi Neil — English actress and VA known for her appearances in video games such as FIFA 21, Redemption Reapers and Hogwarts Legacy. In addition to Virgin River, her upcoming projects include Worth The Wait, The Big Whoop, Amish Unfaithful and Return to Sender. Fans believe she will play one of Jack's sisters in VR, but this is just speculation.

Erin Kathleen Boyes — Another potential sister for Jack to appear at his and Mel's wedding could be Erin Kathleen Boyes, as we also learned from leaked photos. Boyes is an actress from Vancouver, Canada, known for the short films Fruitcake and Three Days, as well as the TV movie Waking Up To Danger. She also has previous Netflix experience, appearing in the 2016 horror film I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House.

Rachel Drance — Another addition to the Season 6 cast, though not officially announced, is Rachel Drance, who plays a new character named Marley Thurston. No word yet on who Marley is, but another fan account posted a photo on Instagram from the set of an actress who looks like Drance chatting with Mel. Could this be a potential surrogate for Jack and Mel's baby, or could it be one of her friends from LA?

Ese Atawo — It is also known that Ese Atawo, known from the comedy mini-series The Slowest Show, will appear in Season 6. She will reportedly play a character named Clara and will appear in several episodes.

But that's not all! The sixth season of Virgin River will feature some familiar faces. At the wedding we can expect Jenny Cooper as Mel's older sister Joey, Dan Payne as Nate Brenner, Garfield Wilson as Zeke, Eric Breker as Josh and Andrew Zachar as Tom.

What Can We Expect from the New Season of Virgin River?

Showrunner Patrick Sean Smith hinted back in February that we should expect further developments in Mel and Jack's journey to parenthood, as well as a big wedding. The latter was partially confirmed by Alexandra Brickenridge herself, as well as another leak from the set.

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Virgin River Season 6 is in post-production and will not be released before January 2025, although a more realistic estimate would be Q2 or Q3 2025.

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