Viktor to Die in Season 4? The Umbrella Academy Theory You Didn't See Coming

Viktor to Die in Season 4? The Umbrella Academy Theory You Didn't See Coming
Image credit: Netflix

Many things point to Viktor sacrificing himself in the Season 4 finale.


  • The Umbrella Academy Season 4 will be released very soon.
  • Fans believe that one of the characters will die.
  • Suspicion falls on Five and Diego, but some claim that Victor will be the victim.

2024 is truly the year of superhero satire. The first episodes of the new season of The Boys have already hit our small screens, July will see the release of Deadpool & Wolverine, and of course in August Netflix subscribers will be able to see the follow-up to The Umbrella Academy, as two years later we will be able to see the long-awaited fourth season.

Although the live-action adaptation is full of light-hearted and hilarious situations, the closer we get to the finale, the darker and more perilous the path becomes for our heroes. Moreover, the plot has long since surpassed the events of the comic book written by Gerard Way and illustrated by Gabriel Bá, and there is no telling what may await.

Even though the world has been reset, the protagonists will certainly face more dangers, as the apocalypse is far from being averted once and for all. Furthermore, the available promo materials may indicate that not all characters will make it to the finale, with some fans believing that Elliot Page's Viktor may be the sudden and heartbreaking casualty.

Some Believe That Five and Diego Are Destined to Die

But before we discuss the Viktor theory, let's talk about who fans think has the best chance of dying in the final season. We're talking about Number Five (Aidan Gallagher) and Diego (David Castañeda).

Regarding Five, many speculated right after the end of Season 3 that he might be the one to die at the end of the story, but the speculation has only intensified with the release of a new trailer in which Five and Lila (Ritu Arya) can be seen embracing each other in tears.

While the death of a teenager would be a rather graphic solution, we should not forget that he is actually 58 years old, his life has not been very happy, and his only solace for decades has been a now-destroyed mannequin. Considering that he might be this lonely, one-armed version of himself in the future, he might decide to sacrifice himself to save his family once and for all.

The tragic embrace could also be a hint that something has happened to Diego. Remember, Lila is now pregnant with his child, and their dreams of building a happy life for themselves and their child could turn tragic.

Season 4's Victim, However, May Be Viktor

And yet, many believe that the tragic end is not reserved for these two, but for the character who is arguably the central figure in the story besides Five — Viktor.

Recall that the story essentially begins with him, as he is separated from his family and returns to the Academy, introducing the audience to the family and the plot twist. Also, it is Viktor who is the cause of the apocalypse, so it makes sense that only Viktor can end it. Unfortunately, at the cost of his life.

That's why fans' focus in the trailer has shifted to Five and Lila — perhaps the showrunners want to distract us from a much more tragic revelation. Remember, Viktor is a living time bomb, and sooner or later the timer will reach zero.

Of course, any character could be in mortal danger, and there's no telling what the writers have in store for us. Maybe that everyone will finally be able to be content with their lives. Or maybe the finale will be truly tragic, but also affirming, as each member of the Umbrella Academy will find peace in the afterlife.

Umbrella Academy Season 4 will be released on August 8, 2024.