Unforgettable Blooper: Stranger Things Star Once Laughed His Way Out Of Scene

Unforgettable Blooper: Stranger Things Star Once Laughed His Way Out Of Scene
Image credit: Netflix

This on-set mishap is one of the best behind-the-scenes stories we've heard.


  • Fans may have a hard time distinguishing between the stars of Stranger Things and their on-screen counterparts.
  • However, real people can be the exact opposite of the characters they play.
  • One Season 2 blooper is perfect proof of that.

Stranger Things isn't just about battling supernatural creatures and uncovering government conspiracies. It is first and foremost a show about human connection, coming of age, friendships, first and mature romances. That's what makes it so relatable and compelling, not the monsters from the Upside Down.

Of course, the cast plays a key role in the story, and the Duffer Brothers obviously understood this when choosing actors for their series. Both veteran stars and young actors are so believable in their roles that it's hard to separate them from their characters.

Meanwhile, real-life people can be very different from their on-screen counterparts. Charlie Heaton, who plays Jonathan Byers, is probably the best example of this. And the following behind-the-scenes story is perfect proof.

Charlie vs. Jonathan

We all know Jonathan Byers as a struggling young adult who is a loyal brother and boyfriend. He comes across as an introverted loner who is not used to speaking his mind, especially his feelings. We almost never see him smile during the course of the show.

Charlie Heaton is the opposite of this description. The actor's massive social media following will confirm that he is extroverted, outgoing and comfortable in the spotlight. He has a great sense of humor and never misses an opportunity for a good laugh.

This habit, however endearing, sometimes leads to unexpected challenges. For example, the actor was once cut from a Stranger Things scene because he was laughing too hard.

The Joke That Cracked The Actor Up

Last year, Finn Wolfhard, who portrays Mike Wheeler, shared with GQ YouTube followers how, during the filming of a scene in Season 2, things went hilariously awry due to Heaton's tendency to crack up easily.

The scene in question is set in the Byers household. The gang is discussing the sinister intentions of the Mind Flayers, who seem to think they are the master race and want to conquer all dimensions. That's when Joe Keery's Steve tells his joke, proving how simple he can be from time to time.

'Oh, like the Germans,' he exclaims, to the amusement of everyone.

'The Nazis?' Dustin corrects and the scene moves on.

If you don't see much of Charlie Heaton in this clip, it's because he wasn't even there for the final shoot. Despite several attempts to film the scene, the actor was unable to contain his giggles every time Keery delivered the line with a straight face. As a result, take after take was ruined by Heaton's infectious laughter.

According to Wolfhard, the frustration on the set was palpable. Even veteran actor David Harbour couldn't hold back his exasperation. With each failed attempt, tensions rose until drastic measures had to be taken. The Duffer Brothers kicked Charlie off the set, which helped them salvage what was left of the day's shooting schedule.

While this hilarious mishap may have momentarily disrupted the flow of filming, years later it serves as a fond memory for the cast and a hilarious tale for us fans. And it makes us even more eager for the final fifth season of the beloved series. The year 2025 can't come any sooner.

Source: GQ.