Top 7 Friends Moments Fans Want To Erase From Memory

Top 7 Friends Moments Fans Want To Erase From Memory
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The show would be better off without these storylines.

Friends ran for ten years, from 1994 to 2004, making this year a special one for the fan-adored sitcom - the show is celebrating two major milestones: 30 years since its premiere and 20 years since the finale. To pay tribute to the beloved series, fans, both veteran and new, are taking to social media to look back and recall the moments that made them emotional and seared their memories.

The story of six New York friends gave us plenty of reasons to laugh hysterically, be deeply moved, and even cry buckets. But there were also a few arcs that didn't sit well with the majority of fans, leaving them feeling embarrassed, anxious, or just plain bored. Here are seven examples that often come up in discussions.

1. Engagement Crasher

The creators of Friends seemed to be particularly fond of the storyline in which an ex breaks up a main character's engagement. This happened with Phoebe and Mike when David suddenly showed up. It happened to Monica and Chandler when Richard completely ruined their special moment. And if the Phoebe/David shenanigans were okay, Richard's appearance was definitely too much.

Whose engagement was more disastrous?

2. Incestuous Cringe

Remember Cassie, Ross and Monica's cousin and magically beautiful girl? Her storyline helped us realize that Phoebe was bi, and we thank her for that. But the moment when Ross tries to make out with his own cousin is sick and does not create the right comedic effect.

3. Accidental Proposal

Many viewers prefer to skip the episodes where Joey and Rachel have a romantic storyline. But even those who loved the two friends together agree that the moment when Joey accidentally proposes to Rachel just minutes after she gives birth to Emma and with Ross' ring is disturbing and too much.

4. Stalker Alert

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Of all the female leads, Phoebe had the most hectic love life, dating some pretty bizarre characters. Her most problematic and dangerous boyfriend was Malcolm, her own sister's stalker. Fans can't believe the streetwise Phoebe would fall for this walking red flag. By the way, did you know that Malcolm was portrayed by David Arquette, Courteney Cox's husband?

5. Family Business

Another gross storyline happened when Monica tried to date Richard's son Timothy. When they tried to kiss, it felt very wrong, almost incestuous. Luckily, the characters felt the same way and quickly broke up.

6. Sister Betrayal

Jill Green, played by Reese Witherspoon, is a fun character who provided many hilarious moments. But her affair with Ross was disturbing and felt like a betrayal. Fans can understand the sister's motivations (she is a spoiled one, after all), but not Ross'. How could he even think of dating Rachel's own sister?

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7. Gender Stereotypes

Friends are often criticized for their prejudiced attitudes toward underrepresented groups. And Ross was often at the forefront of such opinions. For example, the episode that hasn't aged well at all is the one where Ross refuses to hire a good nanny because it's a man. Even worse, he says things like, 'Come on, you gotta be at least bi.' That does not sound funny today, and frankly, it never was.