Top 5 Bizarre Bridgerton Opinions Sure To Make Your Jaw Drop

Top 5 Bizarre Bridgerton Opinions Sure To Make Your Jaw Drop
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Prepare to be shocked.

The pilot of Netflix's Bridgerton graced our screens three and a half years ago. Since then, the show's fandom has exploded into this massive, global phenomenon. Fans just can't get enough of the Regency goodness.

They are binging the beloved series, devouring Julia Quinn's original books, creating stunning art, writing fan fiction, and basically living and breathing the Bridgerverse. And let's not forget the endless debates and discussions on social media.

Amidst all the love and admiration for the series and its characters, there are some seriously wild takes out there. Brace yourselves, because we've rounded up five of the craziest Bridgerton opinions we've stumbled upon online.

1. Penelope killed her father

To be fair, those who say this don't mean it literally. As you may recall, Lord Featherington killed himself after gambling away all the family money. Some people blame Penelope for pushing him over the edge by revealing Marina's pregnancy and ruining the family's reputation.

Well, what can we say? A compulsive, risk-taking gambler doesn't usually need a push, does he? Besides, Lord Featherington didn't seem to care about anyone but himself.

2. The Sharma family are slave traders

This is a truly horrifying take, and the shock value is probably why people write about it at all. The deep dive into the Sharma name seems to allow the conclusion that the family of Season 2 lead Kate could somehow be connected to slavery in India.

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But such speculation doesn't hold up in the Netflix fantasy Bridgerverse. More than that, it ruins some of the show's best characters.

3. Anthony's family steals his money

Anthony Bridgerton's stans often exaggerate his torment as a forced head of household. Sometimes you can even hear extreme opinions like 'Anthony's siblings and mother are taking advantage of him and embezzling his money.'

The reality is far from that. As the first-born son of a viscount, Anthony inherited the title, the estate, and the job of providing for the family socially and financially. The family fortune is not his alone. Besides, the relationship in the Bridgerton family is loving, and the Viscount doesn't seem to be overwhelmed by this part of his duties.

4. Only abuse apologists like Season 1

Like its source novel, Season 1 has a problematic storyline: Daphne overpowering Simon in bed to get pregnant. This often leads to harsh comments when someone mentions their love for the premiere season.

Does Daphne's infamous move ruin the entire season? Most fans would say no. Could it be the reason for the online bullying? Absolutely not.

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5. The show is terrible because it changes a lot from the books

You often come across opinions like 'Julia Quinn's novels did it differently' or 'this character was not part of the books'. Some commenters even say that the Netflix adaptation isn't worth your time because it strays too far from the source material.

Well, yes, the Netflix Bridgerverse is very different from Quinn's. But that's what makes it worthwhile. Many of the changes are actually for the best and work well in a visual format. Besides, there's no way TV romance in the 2020s is going to be exactly the same as romance books in the early 2000s, right?