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Tomer Capone's Audition For Frenchie Had Wild Twist Worthy Of The Boys

Tomer Capone's Audition For Frenchie Had Wild Twist Worthy Of The Boys
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For the actor, it all started with a very real life-threatening situation.


  • Frenchie is easily one of the best and most likeable characters in The Boys.
  • Much of his appeal comes from Tomer Capone's exceptional portrayal and attention to detail.
  • The actor is so natural in the role of a criminal element that it led to unexpected trouble during the audition.

As The Boys Season 4 slowly and inevitably getting closer (reminder: the new chapter lands on Prime Video on June 13th), fans can't wait to see what kind of new bloodbath scenes and gruesome details Eric Kripke and his team have come up with.

It is hard to say who fans have been missing the most, the Supes of the Seven or the vigilantes of the Boys. Good and evil have no clear dividing line in The Boys universe, nor do fan preferences.

But there's one character who holds a special place in almost every viewer's heart. We are, of course, talking about Tomer Capone's Frenchie.

Tough Preparation for the Role

On paper, Frenchie is not all kittens and rainbows. He dealt drugs and guns, worked as a hit man, killed at least 25 people and Supes (and that's just the ones shown or mentioned on screen). But the character is so nuanced and redeemable that we can't help but sympathize with him and fall in love with him and his relationship with Kimiko.

Naturally, this effect is largely due to Tomer Capone's brilliant performance. Despite being an Israeli actor, Capone has successfully adopted a French accent and mannerisms without seeming over-the-top.

In an interview with The Wrap, The Boys star revealed how much preparation went into creating this sympathetic image of a tortured vigilante. He went to bizarre places to talk and hang out with eccentric people, he memorized Garth Ennis' comic books as if they were the scripts, he bombarded Eric Kripke with numerous questions. He even started writing down his thoughts as if he were Frenchie himself.

But Capone might not have had to work so hard. You see, the image of Frenchie is so natural to him that even at his very first audition, people thought he was a real criminal element.

Crazy Audition

Capone told The Wrap the story of his audition for the role of Frenchie, and it is so action-packed it could easily be part of the show itself. The actor had to make the audition tape and get it to the studio in a short time frame. So he used a friend's back garden as a backdrop for the video.

The scene for the clip was an altercation between Frenchie and Butcher about Translucent. The actor had to yell and wave a fake gun around. Everything was going smoothly, and Capone was really nailing it, until something shocking happened.

'We did this crazy scene… and did one take, two takes, three takes, and I'm really into it,' the actor recalled. 'When in the midst of, I think, the second or third take a group of undercover police with their badges [are] coming into her yard with real guns drawn at us like, “Throw the gun down.”'

Crazy, huh? Just put yourself in Capone's shoes. One minute you are all in character and in a fictional world, and the next minute there is a real gun pointed at you. Turns out, one of the friend's neighbors witnessed the making of the video and thought it was a real crime scene. Of course, they called the police.

Fortunately, one of the officers recognized Capone from one of his earlier roles, which brought a swift end to the chaos.

'Luckily, I didn't get my head blown off,' Capone said, and we couldn't agree more.

Source: The Wrap.