This Little Detail from Bridgerton S3 Trailer Will Blow Your Mind

This Little Detail from Bridgerton S3 Trailer Will Blow Your Mind
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No one could imagine these two characters together.


  • Peloise's arc is one of the most anticipated in Season 3 of Bridgerton.
  • The latest trailer shows Eloise with a very unexpected new friend.
  • Fans of the show are taken aback by this twist.

Netflix has just released a new trailer for the upcoming third season of its flagship romance drama Bridgerton, and fans can't contain their excitement. After all, Season 3 premieres in just over a month, but we still don't know much about it. Now, however, we've been given plenty of clues as to what to expect from the new installment.

As you might expect, the main storyline of Season 3 is about Colin's decision to find a wife, Penelope's attempt to find a husband, and how their paths will cross as they help each other realize that they don't have to look any further. But there's another storyline that viewers will be just as excited to explore – Eloise and Penelope's relationship after the revelation of Lady Whistledown. And judging by the trailer, nothing good is going to happen on that front.

An Unlikely Friendship

In the first seconds of the new trailer, we get a glimpse of Eloise chatting and walking hand in hand with Cressida Cowper while a heartbroken and shocked Penelope watches from the side. From the looks of it, Eloise has befriended Cressida, whom she couldn't stand and openly criticized in previous seasons of Bridgerton. What isn't clear is whether Eloise is really interested in Cressida or whether the Bridgerton girl is just trying to get back at Penelope for the things she wrote about the viscount's family as Lady Whistledown.

On the one hand, Eloise may feel lonely and that her trust has been betrayed and that this has somehow clouded her judgement, which is why she decides to seek a friend in Cressida, who previously invited the second Bridgerton sister to be her friend. On the other hand, Eloise may be playing a game to hurt Penelope, who has been bullied by Cressida many times before, which makes the whole situation surrounding Peloise even more heartbreaking.

Fans Disapprove

Needless to say, Bridgerton fans are none too happy about this turn of events, knowing how much it hurts Penelope to see her best friend cozying up to her nemesis.

'Eloise knows that Cressida practically ruined Penelope's self esteem, I understand that she's angry, heck I probably would have done the same thing. But she's being too obvious in her avoiding Pen,' one YouTube user wrote.

Interestingly, the conventional wisdom is that Eloise is only pretending to enjoy spending time with Cressida in order to hurt Pen. But it makes things sadder because the Bridgerton girl is breaking her best friend's heart and will likely hurt Cowper when the truth comes out. So hopefully things won't get too messy between the characters when Part 1 of Season 3 premieres on May 16.

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Do you think Eloise has moved on to Cressida, or is she just trying to spite Pen?