This Fan Theory Fixes Your Main Beef With Bridgerton Season 2

This Fan Theory Fixes Your Main Beef With Bridgerton Season 2
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The theory proves that even simple stories may be deeper than we think.


  • The Bridgerton creators love to build up good drama and suspense, sometimes even going too far.
  • They seem to be drawn to a particular trope that has already been used several times and, according to many viewers, almost ruined Season 2.
  • There is, however, a fan theory that may right at least some of the wrongs.

Shondaland projects have a cult following for a reason. When you see this brand on a television show, you can be sure that you are in for an emotional rollercoaster ride full of tears, laughter, horror and delight.

With its heartwarming romances and happy endings, Bridgerton tends to lean toward the more lighthearted end of the stick. But even its bodice-ripping stories don't come without their fair share of drama.

Among the tropes that create suspense, Shondaland writers seem particularly drawn to love triangles. In its short two-season history, Bridgerton has already seen three major love triangles and a number of subplots of that nature.

If the Daphne/Simon/Prince Friedrich storyline felt quite organic and the Colin/Penelope/Marina shenanigans triggered two main storylines, the Anthony/Kate/Edwina love triangle ruined Season 2 for many viewers.

Season 2 Criticism

The love triangle in Season 2 came out of the blue for Julia Quinn's readers and hurt the relationship between the leads, according to many reviews. The thing is, the Anthony/Kate romance is already based on a gripping trope - enemies turned lovers - but the writers decided it was not enough.

The involvement of a third party (Edwina) tainted both the main plot and all three characters involved. Edwina appeared spoiled and self-centered. Anthony came across as selfish and somewhat cruel, disregarding the feelings of others. Kate felt overburdened, forced into a position where she betrayed her own sister, adding to her turmoil.

The storyline with Anthony courting Kate's sister was extremely drawn out. For God's sake, we even had to witness their disastrous wedding! This brought the relationship between the Sharma sisters to a point of no return and took precious time away from the leads and their happiness. Just remember that the fans didn't get to attend their wedding

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There is, however, an interesting fan theory that, if not completely righting all the wrongs of the love triangle trope, at least makes it much more tolerable.

New Headcanon

The theory is that the disastrous love triangle was actually a scheme orchestrated by Kate and Edwina.

Picture this: the Sharma sisters knew all along that Kate and Anthony were meant to be together, but they noticed the viscount's devotion to his inner demons. So when he began to court Edwina, they plotted to trick him into confessing his love for Kate by keeping Viscount Bridgerton at arm's length and toying with him.

The girls had to go deeper and deeper into their own manipulation (it even came to the wedding), but in the end they got what they wanted. Anthony gave in to his feelings and stopped caring about stupid superstitions.

Admittedly, this theory has its flaws and holes. But it saves the sisters' characters, preserves their bond, and shifts the focus of Season 2 to the blossoming romance between Kate and Anthony. So, why not embrace it as our personal headcanon?

What do you think of this theory?