This Debunked Harry Potter Fan Theory Became Legend In Fandom

This Debunked Harry Potter Fan Theory Became Legend In Fandom
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For some of us, this theory is a powerful trip down memory lane.


  • Over the years, Harry Potter has inspired countless fan theories, but only a handful have caught J.K. Rowling's eye.
  • One such theory, born after Order of the Phoenix, became such a hit in the fandom that the author stepped in online to dispel it.
  • Ultimately, the books proved the theory wrong, but it remained something of a legend in Wizarding World fandom.

When explaining the phenomenon of fandom, the title Harry Potter often comes in handy. J.K. Rowling's book series and the films based on it have become so special to millions of readers-viewers that even 13 years after the release of Deathly Hallows: Part 2, fans can't stop building their theories, headcanons, and fiction around the magical universe.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, with its numerous characters, storylines and details, has always been a vast field for fan speculation. You can find all kinds of theories in the Internet archives, from beautiful (Dumbledore is Death in 'Tale of Three Brothers') to downright disgusting (a wizard has to eat part of their victim to make a Horcrux).

The author herself usually doesn't publicly address these fan speculations, and even more rarely does she directly debunk them. But one theory became so popular among fans that Rowling had to take to Twitter (now X) to refute it.

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Iconic Theory

This theory is today part of Harry Potter history. It shows how passionate and creative the dedicated readers can be. If you were in a Harry Potter fandom when Order of the Phoenix was published, this is also a powerful trip down memory lane.

The author created the idea before Half-Blood Prince came out, based on facts from the first five books in the series, which made it sound extremely plausible at the time. The theory was that Dumbledore wasn't just Dumbledore, he was actually Ron Weasley from the future.

Before you laugh, listen to the evidence behind the claim. To be honest, if Rowling hadn't debunked the theory, we'd still be suspicious of Albus Dumbledore's origins.


The creator of the idea and its supporters have presented a number of facts that show uncanny parallels between Harry's best friend and his mentor. Here are the most important:

  1. Similar Looks: Both Dumbledore and Ron are tall and thin, with long, large noses and hands. It is mentioned in the books that young Dumbledore had 'auburn' hair, and Ron is famously red.
  2. Leg Injury: We all remember Ron's terrible trauma in Prisoner of Azkaban. Dumbledore once said that he had a scar on his leg.
  3. Sweet Tooth: Both characters have a special fondness for wizard sweets. Dumbledore's passwords always sound delicious, and it was Ron who figured out the strong password (Cockroach Clusters) in Goblet of Fire.
  4. Bertie Bott's Bean: In the first book, Dumbledore tells a story about giving up Bertie Bott's beans because he ate a vomit-flavored one in his youth. But when Bertie Bott was born, Dumbledore was over 90 years old.
  5. The Mirror of Erised: Dumbledore knows exactly what Ron sees in the Mirror of Erised. What is more, he himself says that he is holding a pair of socks when he is in the mirror. The tear-jerking theory is that these are the socks Ron always gets from his mother, but never appreciates.
  6. Information: Dumbledore knows too much. In fact, he seems to know everything, from the belief that Tom Riddle can't be trusted to the idea of how to use a Time-Turner to save two lives. How can you explain that, if not by the fact that Dumbledore has already lived through the events of the books?

It all sounds very plausible, right? Well, Deathly Hallows with Dumbledore's backstory made the theory completely unrealistic. But not before hundreds of fans believed it, making it something of a legacy for the Harry Potter fandom.

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