Think You Hate Taylor Kelly on 9-1-1? Here's Why You Should Reconsider

Think You Hate Taylor Kelly on 9-1-1? Here's Why You Should Reconsider
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Despite her unethical actions, Taylor is a great character and friend.


  • Taylor Kelly Martin (Megan West) has brought both heartwarming moments and heartbreaking drama to the 9-1-1 storyline.
  • But fans can't forgive her for her unethical journalism that put the entire 118 at risk.
  • Her transgressions, however, are easily explained and make her a flawed yet vivid character.

In addition to the excellent core cast, the writers of 9-1-1 have provided not a few quality subplots, introducing new characters that are somehow related to the main ones throughout the seven released seasons.

For example, some truly memorable storylines were those involving Evan Buckley's (Oliver Stark) personal life — well, until he discovered his bisexuality, which was a highlight of Season 7. And of all Buck's exes, one of the most profound was reporter Taylor Kelly Martin (Megan West), but not all fans are fond of her. Let's find out the reasons behind the hatred and why Taylor deserves more love and maybe even a comeback to the show.

The Reporter Who Came into Buck's Life

Buck first met news reporter Taylor when she was rescued by the 118 after the helicopter she and her crew were using to cover traffic in the city crashed. After the accident, she refused to return to the skies and, with Bobby's permission, decided to settle down with her team at Station 118. She and Buck have been on and off since then.

Despite their initial tension, they really hit it off when Buck and his colleagues came to her rescue to deal with the Covid vaccines going bad. But sadly, in the Season 5 finale, Buck and Taylor broke up, first due to cheating on the part of the former and then due to broken promises on the part of the latter.

Why Do Some Fans Hate Taylor

There are two things at play here: unethical journalism and hypocrisy.

When she did a documentary on Station 118 in Season 2, the crew had accidentally eaten LSD-laced brownies, and it was Bobby who got the most on camera — though his revelations and emotional breakdown didn't make it into the final cut, Taylor didn't do it out of sympathy for the man who basically made it possible for her to stay at the 118. In her own words, the only reason was the network's unwillingness to deal with a lawsuit.

Also, many fans still can't forgive her for the fiasco with Jonah Greenway, a serial killer who was a former temporary employee of the 118. Buck begged her not to air the story because it would literally endanger the lives of the team, and despite her promises, she went ahead with a live broadcast.

Does Taylor Deserve So Much Hate (And Why We’re Looking Forward to Her in Season 8)

It should be noted that Buck had made a mess of things himself before: cheating, suggesting that Taylor move in with him instead of admitting the truth, not telling her that he was still working with the woman he cheated with, and only then confessing everything. Of course, this didn't make up for her transgression with the serial killer coverage, but she had enough emotional reasons to do it.

It is important to note that Taylor is not an example of a perfect character. She's flawed, and that's what makes her incredibly vivid and generally one of Buck's best partners. She has lived her entire life under the weight of her mother's murder by her father, so she is used to suppressing her emotions and telling herself that her only purpose in life is to uncover the truth.

It would be great to bring her back in future stories and make them just close friends. That way they can provide emotional support without making a mess of the situation.

On April 2, 2024, ABC announced the renewal of 9-1-1 for Season 8, which will debut later this year.