These 5 Book-To-Screen Changes Mean New Story For Eloise's Season On Bridgerton

These 5 Book-To-Screen Changes Mean New Story For Eloise's Season On Bridgerton
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Whenever it arrives, Eloise's solo chapter may come as a surprise to Julia Quinn's readers.

Netflix's Bridgerton has unleashed a new wave of popularity for Julia Quinn's romantic series. Longtime readers have taken to rereading the love stories of the Bridgerton siblings, living in 19th-century London. New fans, curious about what's in store for the beloved characters, are also diving into Quinn's books.

They all can't help but notice that the title characters and their arcs have been changed on screen. And the one who has undergone the biggest transformation is certainly Eloise Bridgerton.

Eloise's solo story, To Sir Phillip, With Love, comes fifth in Julia Quinn's series. After reading the book and comparing Eloise to her on-screen counterpart, many fans doubt that the show will be able to follow the novel word-to-word. Much will have to be changed.

Here are five book-to-screen alterations the Bridgerton creators have already made and how they will affect Eloise's season. Beware of spoilers.

1. Eloise’s Character

Claudia Jessie's Eloise is a favorite of many fans. She is energetic, vibrant, has strong opinions about the norms of the ton, and is willing to fight for her independence. Sure, there's a lot of teenage angst in her, but she has the most potential to go the unconventional route.

Quinn's Eloise, on the other hand, has a much more traditional outlook on life. She doesn't want to get married, but quickly reconsiders after her best friend (Penelope) ties the knot with her brother (Colin) and she herself meets a charming widower (Sir Phillip Crane).

The show's creators will have to come up with a much more believable reason for Eloise to suddenly forget all her beliefs and start enjoying a simple domestic life with a husband and kids.

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2. Phillip & Marina's Arc

This is where the Bridgerton writers got themselves in trouble. Phillip, who is supposed to be Eloise's endgame, is the same man who married Marina Thompson in Season 1. But after giving Marina a much bigger storyline than in the books, the show can't just do to her what Quinn did. In the novel, Marina dies after attempting suicide.

That would just be cruel to the major character of Season 1, her journey in the show, and everyone who related to her. The showmakers need to write a different, more satisfying conclusion to Marina's arc.

Besides, in the books, Marina is a Bridgerton cousin, so Eloise has every reason to write to Sir Phillip after her death and become his pen pal. In the show, nothing connects the two except Pen and Colin, who seem to have cut ties with the past.

3. Spinster Status

The character's age plays an important role in the book, as Eloise is 28 and considered a spinster with no marriage prospects. However, it is unlikely that the show will make such time jumps between seasons. Penelope and Colin's story was pushed back eight years, and we are sure Eloise's will follow soon (if not in Season 4, then certainly in Season 5).

This makes many aspects of the book inapplicable to the show. Why would Eloise, still a young, eligible bachelorette, be interested in a widower? Why would she be so reckless as to run away from her house to his estate unescorted (yes, that happens in the novel)?

4. Bond with Theo

Theo Sharpe was never part of the book series. He was most likely added to the show to let Eloise grow and give her insight into the practical side of things she likes to talk about. He is also her first romantic interest. And their chemistry is so compelling that many viewers wish Theo was Eloise's endgame. After all, as a feminist and a member of the underclass, he fits her rebellious nature much better than Phillip.

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So if the showrunners want the Phillip-Eloise pairing to outdo the Theo-Eloise bond, a stunning chemistry and a gripping, suspenseful love story is a must. Unfortunately, that's not the case with To Sir Phillip, With Love. For many readers, it is the least favorite book in the series.

5. Friendship with Penelope

Finally, when it comes to Eloise's relationship with Penelope, the series has taken a new direction that will certainly change the character's future. In the books, Eloise doesn't care too much about the whole Lady Whistledown business. She is one of the last to learn that it was her friend who wrote all the gossip, and she takes it with more praise than anything else.

In the show, however, Eloise is furious with Pen and probably a little jealous of her success as a writer. This must be affecting her motivation to grow up and find a purpose in life outside of the marriage market. And it makes it even harder to believe that Eloise would just settle down and become an average Regency housewife.

When do you think Eloise’s story will arrive?