The Complete List of All the New K-Dramas on Netflix in July 2024

The Complete List of All the New K-Dramas on Netflix in July 2024
Image credit: jTBC

Two shows to light up this July!


  • In July 2024, Netflix won't be offering many K-dramas.
  • However, we can expect the return of a popular action horror and a new romantic comedy.
  • In addition, Netflix promises many high-octane releases throughout 2024.

Netflix subscribers who prefer South Korean television have been in for a treat over the past few months. We got the second half of the first season of Gyeongseong Creature, the second season of Physical: 100, as well as a slew of original projects like Yeon Sang-ho's The Bequeathed, the rom-com Queen of Tears, the critically acclaimed A Killer Paradox starring Choi Woo-shik, the sci-fi action drama Parasyte: The Grey, the surreal comedy Chicken Nugget, and the political drama The Whirlwind starring Sol Kyung-gu and Kim Hee-ae. All in all, there was no problem choosing a binge-watching option!

However, July is traditionally a month of draught for Korean TV. Still, there are a few premieres in July 2024 that are sure to intrigue all K-drama fans.

These Two July Premieres Are a Big Deal

2. Miss Night and Day, Season 1

Genre: Romantic comedy, Drama

Number of episodes: 16

Release Date: June 15, 2024 (ongoing)

Technically, Miss Night and Day is a June series, as it premiered only a week ago. However, new episodes are released weekly by JTBC and land on Netflix the same day, so if you're interested in this Korean drama, it's a great option for both June and July.

The plot of this rom-com follows Lee Mi-jin, a young woman struggling to find a regular full-time job, but one day fate favors her, albeit in a very twisted way: Mi-jin wakes up and realizes that she has aged 30 years, and it is this new age that helps her become an intern at a new workplace. Only at night she turns back into her 20-year-old self.

Although only two episodes have been released, viewers are already praising the show for its humor and romantic storyline. All in all, Miss Night and Day promises to be one of July's biggest hits.

1. Sweet Home, Season 3

Genre: Action, Horror, Apocalyptic

Number of episodes: TBA

Release Date: July 19, 2024

South Korean action-horror Sweet Home, adapted from Kim Carnby and Hwang Young-chan's webtoon of the same name, holds a special place among Netflix original series, becoming the first K-drama to break into the streaming service's Global Top 10 and securing a two-season renewal. And now, the highly anticipated final Season 3 is set to premiere in one month.

Since Season 2, the series has followed the original script, so Sweet Home fans are eager to see what's in store for Song Kang's Cha Hyun-su and the survivors of Green Home. And most importantly, will the human side of the protagonist win out?

There is not much detailed information about the series so far, and the exact number of episodes will be announced later. What we do know from the latest trailer, however, is that Sang-wook (Lee Jin-uk), Eun-yu (Ko Min-si) and Chan-yeong (Jinyoung) will be returning to the series.

What Can We Expect beyond July 2024?

Unfortunately, Netflix will not be offering Korean TV fans a huge variety of new series in July. Still, the streaming service promises plenty of high-octane premieres in the coming months. Let's take a look at which K-dramas are set to land on Netflix in Q2 and Q3, or don't have an approximate release window yet, but are planned for this year.

  • Gyeongseong Creature, Season 2
  • Officer Black Belt, Season 1
  • The Frog, Season 1
  • Mr. Plankton, Season 1
  • The Great Flood, Season 1
  • Uprising, Season 1
  • Hellbound, Season 2
  • The Trunk, Season 1
  • Squid Game, Season 2
  • Aema, Season 1
  • Eun Jung and Sang Yeon, Season 1
  • Everything Will Come True, Season 1
  • Hong Rang, Season 1