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The Boys Throws In Easter Egg That Revives Big Season 2 Fan Theory

The Boys Throws In Easter Egg That Revives Big Season 2 Fan Theory
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The fandom is back in debate mode.


  • The Boys have always been the subject of intense fan speculation.
  • Some theories have been confirmed, some disproved, and some left hanging.
  • One of these speculations has recently been revived by the new Easter egg.

The Boys, with its extensive lore and ensemble cast of thrilling characters, has been the fuel for fan theorizing since day one. Some fan theories (such as the creation of a virus that kills Supes) have been confirmed by Eric Kripke's show (or rather its spinoff, Gen V). But there are some wild speculations that have neither been confirmed nor disproved.

And one of those theories from Season 2 has been revived by the recent surprising reference.

The Easter Egg

In S4E2, Life Among the Septics, the Boys follow Sister Sage to TruthCon, a convention that pokes fun at popular real-world conspiracy theories like flat earth and lizard people, as well as in-universe speculations like President Bob Singer being Satan himself.

The montage of conspiracy theory posters is set to the song "Burning Down the House" and ends with the image saying 'SOLDIER BOY + LIBERTY = SECRET LOVERS??'

The Boys Throws In Easter Egg That Revives Big Season 2 Fan Theory - image 1

This is an Easter egg that is hard to miss. But what exactly does it refer to?

Popular Fan Theory

Ever since it was revealed in Season 2 that the new member of the Seven, Stormfront, was the wife of Frederick Vought, the original Supe and closet Nazi, fans have been speculating about her connection to Homelander.

In particular, many thought that Stormfront might not only be Homelander's lover, but also his biological mother (talk about the Oedipus complex!). There are some strong arguments in favor of this theory.

  • Stormfront operated under the name Liberty in the 1950s.
  • At the time, she and Homelander's confirmed father, Soldier Boy, were quite close.
  • Soldier Boy revealed that he and Liberty co-founded Herogasm in 1952 ('man was she a firecracker').
  • This may have given the Vought scientists the idea to mix the DNA of two of the strongest Supes and create a wonder baby, Homelander.
  • Homelander's powers are a combination of Soldier Boy's strength and Stormfront's flight and energy projection.
  • More importantly, his tyrannical Supes-first philosophy seems to be a blend of Soldier Boy's toxic masculinity and Stormfront's white supremacism.

Confirmation or Tease?

Since the theory of Homelander's parentage was not confirmed by The Boys before Stormfront's death in Season 3, it lost its appeal and stopped circulating in fan discussions. However, the new Easter egg has reignited the debate.

Some fans are sure that the theory will be confirmed in the future, others think that the poster at TruthCon is just a joke to make fun of the speculation. Considering that the other posters contain obviously ridiculous notions, the first part of the fandom seems to be in the right here.

But then again, one of those posters says that Soldier Boy is being held captive by the CIA. And we all know that this is the absolute truth. So Homelander screwing his mother could be too.

What do you think? Is the fan theory that Soldier Boy and Stormfront are Homelander's parents true?