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The Boys Season 4 Still Has One Forgotten Character To Return To

The Boys Season 4 Still Has One Forgotten Character To Return To
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You probably don't even remember her name, but this Supe may become an important character in the future.


  • The Boys Season 4 is about to land on Prime Video and fans are gearing up for another explosive storyline.
  • It is clear that Billy Butcher and the Boys are in a losing position so far, but they have a few cards up their sleeve.
  • And one of them might be a forgotten Supe from Season 2.

The Boys are ready to hit us with a new dose of gruesome Supe violence, jaw-dropping twists and biting social satire. After the explosive Season 3 finale, things don't look good for Billy Butcher, the Boys and the entire fictional universe. The Supe supremacy is no joke.

However, The Boys' spinoff Gen V, which premiered last year, introduced the one thing that could kill Homelander - a Supe virus. And it's clear that Butcher won't rest until he gets his hands on the powerful weapon.

And there is one forgotten character who could become the unexpected ally the Boys and their leader need.

The Forgotten Arc

Where is Cindy?

That was the question many fans of The Boys asked during Season 3. The character in question, Cindy, made her intriguing debut in S2E6, The Bloody Door Off. In this episode, The Boys and Starlight follow a lead to the Sage Grove Center, a shadowy facility where Vought is experimenting with different formulas of Compound V. This is where we meet Lamplighter and Love Sausage.

Among their test subjects is Cindy, a Supe with telekinetic abilities that allow her to crush people and objects with ease. Her immense power suggests that she might even be able to defeat other Supes.

When the Boys infiltrate the facility, chaos ensues. Cindy escapes and releases the other prisoners. Stormfront kills most of the escapees, but Cindy survives. The episode concludes with a shot of her hitchhiking along the highway. And we never see the Supe again.

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The omission of Cindy's storyline in Season 3 seemed like a significant oversight on the part of The Boys' creators. The season showed Victoria Neuman's attempts to regulate the Supes' activities. Given Cindy's powerful abilities and history, it's surprising that she was neither mentioned nor pursued. However, according to Eric Kripke, the Supe storyline is not over.

Showrunner Weighs In

The Boys fans were so interested in Cindy's fate that the show's creator, Eric Kripke, even took to X (formerly Twitter) to address the question.

'When you're running the show, it's always smart to plant little land mines everywhere that you can go back to and use - and Cindy will return,' Kripke assured fans.

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While the showrunner didn't specify when or how Cindy would return, it's clear that with her telekinetic powers, she could be a strong ally for the Boys. Especially considering they were the ones who accidentally set her free.

Who knows, maybe Cindy will return in the upcoming Season 4 to hold off Vought, Homelander and his army of followers while Butcher searches for the virus. After all, Soldier Boy needs a replacement.

The first three episodes of The Boys Season 4 will premiere on Prime Video on June 13, 2024.

Source: X.

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