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The Boys Season 4 Kicks Off With Two Amazing Celeb Cameos

The Boys Season 4 Kicks Off With Two Amazing Celeb Cameos
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Did you recognize that voice?


  • Boys fans thought that Charlize Theron's cameo in Season 3 was unparalleled.
  • However, Eric Kripke and his team started Season 4 with two more surprising appearances that can easily top anything that happened before.
  • Both are pure comedy gold, but also play an important role in the development of the story.

Let's face it, when Charlize Theron appeared in The Boys Season 3 as... well, herself, playing Stormfront in an in-universe Vought movie, we all thought Eric Kripke's show would never get a better celebrity cameo.

The way Theron portrayed a typical supervillain whose only motivation is her evil nature was a perfect satire of the antagonists found in every other superhero movie and a fun addition to the Boys universe. However, the new season of the Prime Video series has kicked off with two even more hilarious cameos, one of which took fans by surprise.

Will Ferrell As An Inspirational Sports Coach

It is widely believed that a performer is truly talented when they can play a bad actor and poke fun at themselves. While Charlize Theron was brilliant in her stereotypical role, there is one Hollywood legend who is the master of this game. It is, of course, Will Ferrell.

The comedic range of this icon is hard to grasp. And the second episode of The Boys Season 4 proved it. Like Theron, Ferrell played himself in Adam Bourke's new movie sponsored by Vought.

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Apparently, the film is about A-Train's origins and aims to boost his image. The Supe is portrayed as this stereotypical troubled teenager lost in a concrete jungle. And this version of Ferrell plays a tough but lovable coach who inspires the protagonist and helps him get off the streets, a character found in many sports movies.

We can't help but laugh at how hard the actor tries to sound epic and inspirational, how excited he is about the prospect of getting an Oscar, how indifferent he is to the authenticity of the story. But for A-Train, it is not a funny moment at all.

Seeing the vain actor replace on screen the brother who trained him in real life clicks something in his brain and sends him on a journey of redemption. And that makes Will Ferrell's cameo so much better.

But The Boys surprises are far from over.

The Voice Of The Deep's Octopus Lover

Remember the deeply disturbing relationship between the Deep and an octopus? Well, The Boys Season 4 insists on diving head first into it. Now we can hear how the Supe communicates with his ocean lover. And she has a magnificent voice. The voice of... Tilda Swinton.

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Yes, this is yet another bizarre role in the stunning resume of the Oscar-winning actress. And this role is far from just a silly gag. Just as Ferrell sparks the arc of A-Train, Swinton's octopus is important to the portrayal of the Deep.

In fact, their love story is quite touching when you look past the bestiality. They are these star-crossed lovers who can never be happy together. As the Deep hides the octopus in his closet, tragedy looms over their heads. Not to mention, their scenes are pure comedic gold, highlighting the ridiculousness of the Aquaman parody.

The Boys Season 4 Episode 4, Wisdom of the Ages, premieres June 20 on Prime Video.

Whose cameo did you enjoy more in the premiere episodes of The Boys Season 4?