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The Boys Season 4: Homelander Is Still Unmatched in Kill Count, But Who's #2?

The Boys Season 4: Homelander Is Still Unmatched in Kill Count, But Who's #2?
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Supes aren't so powerful when they're up against an entire army.


  • The Boys continues to be one of the most brutal shows on television.
  • According to fan counts, Homelander has the most murders.
  • But it's not superheroes who are next on the list, it's ordinary people.

The new season of The Boys, which premiered just a week ago on Amazon Prime Video, continues to delight with its anti-superhero satire deftly inserted into the modern political context. The R-rated action series, now in its fourth season, continues to post strong ratings, as well as high critical and audience scores on aggregators, even under the review bombardment of MAGA supporters.

In addition to the absurdist humor, Eric Kripke and the writing team pay special attention to the absolutely brutal scenes in which enemies die in batches, especially those who cross Vought's path. From supes fighting in proxy wars to ridiculous accidents, the life of a non-superpowered person in The Boys universe is worth little, and as such, the TV series have body counts in the hundreds, and that's just the ones that have been shown on screen.

It probably won't be news to anyone that the most bloodthirsty in The Boys is none other than Homelander. And no, Soldier Boy or Butcher are not the next biggest killers after him!

Homelander is Still the Most Fearsome Murderer in the Show

Of course, it's no surprise that the most bloodthirsty killer of all the characters in The Boys, both in the original comic and the series, is Homelander. In addition to being the most powerful superhero in history, he's also the most emotionally unstable of them all.

His ego is in direct proportion to his powers, but as is the case with public figures driven by delusions of grandeur, that ego is easily bruised, as Homelander has spent his entire life growing up in an emotionally inaccessible environment and amidst toxic notions of masculinity that have given him many complexes. Pretty much the new iteration of American Psycho, except Patrick Bateman started doing alt-right rallies.

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Eagle-eyed fans of The Boys counted how many people Homelander killed based on what was shown on screen. They came up with a crazy number of 171, but as we know off-screen, the number could easily be in the thousands, if not tens of thousands.

But the irony is that the next highest kill count is not one of the superheroes, but people without powers.

The Boys Total Kill Counts (Shown on Screen)

According to statistics cited by fans, the second highest number of on-screen kills were done by Russian soldiers. But these statistics aren't quite right, so let's get to the bottom of it.

Of course, the number refers to the third season, when the Soldier Boy-led Payback superhero team was sent to Nicaragua during the Cold War to help the CIA fight off Russian and Nicaraguan soldiers. While the story has Soviet Special Forces there, it's mostly not the Russians on screen, but the Sandinistas, the left-wing Nicaraguan resistance. That doesn't change the fact that Homelander is much scarier than any army, though.

The complete kill count for all four seasons of the series can be found below:

  • Homelander — 171
  • Sandinistas — 115
  • Stormfront — 69
  • Soldier Boy — 37
  • Kimiko Miyashiro — 26
  • Stan Edgar — 20
  • Victoria Neuman — 17
  • Billy Butcher — 12
  • Sage Grove Supes — 9
  • Black Noir — 7
  • Queen Maeve — 7
  • Gunpowder — 6
  • Naqib — 5
  • SEAL team — 4
  • A-Train — 3
  • Cherie — 3
  • Crimson Countess — 3
  • Hughie Campbell — 3
  • Laser Baby — 3
  • Sister Sage — 3
  • Black Noir II — 2
  • The Boys — 2
  • Grace Mallory — 2
  • Kenji Miyashiro — 2
  • Lamplighter — 2
  • Terrorist — 2
  • The Deep — 2
  • Zoe Neuman — 2
  • Ryan Butcher — 2
  • Ice-Skating Jesus — 2
  • Acid Vomit Patient — 1
  • Blue Hawk — 1
  • Cindy — 1
  • Frenchie — 1
  • Guard — 1
  • Jamie — 1
  • Lenny Butcher — 1
  • Little Nina — 1
  • Mother’s Milk — 1
  • Popclaw — 1
  • Starlight — 1
  • Termite — 1
  • Tommy Peterson — 1

The next episode of The Boys will be available on Prime Video on June 27, 2024.