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The Boys S4 Premiere Answers Big Gen V Question

The Boys S4 Premiere Answers Big Gen V Question
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Two, in fact.

After a two-year wait, the Boys and the Seven have returned to our screens with new deadly energy and tricks. Though less time has passed in Eric Kripke's fictional universe since Soldier Boy's failed attempt to take down Homelander than in real life, there have been some new developments that have changed the dynamics of the Homelander vs. Butcher conflict.

New Weapon

In particular, The Boys universe was expanded with the inclusion of Godolkin University in the spinoff Gen V. The story of a bunch of Supe students studying at the Vought-controlled educational facility took place exactly between Seasons 3 and 4 of the parent show and revealed some interesting facts.

It turned out that the university was a cover for the Woods, a secret facility where Vought scientists conducted illegal experiments on young Supes. One of their tasks was to create a bioweapon that could be used against Supes. And such a virus was created.

Gen V ended on a disturbing note. Victoria Neuman got her hands on the only viable version of the Supe virus and killed its creator, leaving fans with some burning questions, some of which were answered in the premiere episode of The Boys.

The Butcher-Neuman Conversation

Clearly, the Supe-killing virus is a powerful weapon. And in the hands of Victoria Neuman, it is a wild card. Neuman's intentions are still unclear. On the one hand, she wants to hide her Supe identity (she is the infamous Head Popper) and get as far up the political ladder as possible; on the other hand, she is all about protecting her daughter.

Technically, Neuman is in an alliance with Homelander. But she is not totally opposed to the Boys either. The new season showed her secretly meeting with Butcher to discuss their possible alliance. And that conversation answered at least two questions The Boys fans may have had about the virus.

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Why did Neuman want the virus in the first place?

Butcher mentions the virus after Neuman tells him she can protect herself from Homelander. It confirms what viewers have been theorizing all along: Neuman doesn't feel comfortable around the sociopathic leader of the Seven and took the virus as insurance against his homicidal tendencies. That's why she kept it a secret from everyone, and was clearly disappointed to learn that the Boys know about it.

Can the Supe virus kill Homelander?

The biggest question of Gen V, of course, is whether the new bioweapon could be the one that finally brings death to Homelander. But that would be too easy, apparently.

'I know it ain't strong enough to kill Homelander... yet,' Butcher tells Neuman.

Gen V has made it clear that the virus Neuman has can be transmitted through bodily fluids and is lethal to most Supes. Butcher's words prove that the CIA scientists (led by Grace Mallory, who learned about the virus during the course of the spinoff) have studied it, presumably through the papers left in the Woods, and concluded that it is not fatal to the most powerful Compound V carriers.

However, the emphasis on 'yet' at the end of Butcher's line suggests that the virus arc is far from over.

The Boys Season 4 Episode 5 premieres June 27 on Prime Video, with three more episodes to follow on Thursdays.

Do you think the Supe virus will end up killing Homelander?