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The Boys Fans Have Disturbing Theory About What Sister Sage's Bloody Tool Is

The Boys Fans Have Disturbing Theory About What Sister Sage's Bloody Tool Is
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The reason Sage joined the Seven is simpler than you thought.


  • The Boys Season 4 introduced a new intriguing Supe, Sister Sage.
  • The smartest person on the planet has quickly become a fan favorite and sent fans into speculation mode.
  • Fans are trying to understand why such a highly intelligent person would risk her own life by joining Homelander.
  • The answer may be hidden in one of the scenes in Episode 3.

The Boys Season 4 introduced two new members of the Seven, Firecracker and Sister Sage. While Firecracker was the hire of convenience, only allowed into Vought Tower to assist in Homelander's plans to take down Starlight and her followers, Sister Sage is a wild card who keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

Introduced as the smartest person on the planet, Sage has quickly become a new fan favorite. Eric Kripke and his team have managed to portray someone with limitless intellect and create an exciting dynamic between her and Homelander.

Homelander knows Sage is much smarter than him (or anyone else on the planet), but will never accept that and let her take the reins. Sage knows she can't predict or control Homelander's crazy cult leader behavior, but still seems interested in joining him (and risking her life) for whatever reason.

Speculation Fuel

It is Sister Sage's true motivations that have kept the fan theorizing mill turning in the days since the Season 4 premiere. Fans seem to agree that Sage must have a hidden agenda. Some think she is Stan Edgar's spy, others that she is secretly good and will eventually help the Boys.

However, there may be a much simpler explanation for the Supe's motivations. And the clue is hidden in a tool seen on Sage's desk in Episode 3.

Bloody Tool

Until the scene in which the Deep visits her room, Sister Sage presents the image of an almost perfect and cold machine of logic, in complete control of every situation. However, the bloody tool on her desk reveals a disturbing truth.

The Boys fans found out that the tool is a lobotomy orbitoclast, used to perform transorbital lobotomies, and quickly came to the conclusion that Sage occasionally lobotomizes herself to take the pressure off her intellect.

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Her healing factor then repairs her brain, but there is a brief moment of peace when Sage can enjoy ridiculous reality shows, popular franchises, or even fool around with the Deep. And that says a lot about the Supe.

Sage's Motivation

Sage’s intelligence is both her greatest strength and weakness. It seems that the Supe suffers from hypercognition and needs constant cognitive stimulation to function. Self-lobotomizing only helps for short periods of time. Reading books and constructing mind theories can only take her so far.

Besides, it is clear that Sage feels lonely and ostracized by society (just remember what A-train said about her time in Teenage Kix). Intellect cannot control emotional health, so it is likely that Sage is depressed.

All of which makes her questionable decision to join Homelander, who could snap and kill her at any moment, very understandable. Sage needs a big problem to solve. And what could be more challenging than keeping Homelander's sinking ship afloat, despite all his tyrannical tendencies and stupid egocentrism? Plus, Sage isn't too worried about her own life. She'll probably even welcome the ultimate relief from her suffering.

The Boys Season 4 Episode 4, Wisdom of the Ages, premieres June 20 on Prime Video.

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