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The Boys Fan Theory Gives Homelander Much Stronger Ending Than Source Book

The Boys Fan Theory Gives Homelander Much Stronger Ending Than Source Book
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The leader of the Seven must suffer.


  • The source comic books give an idea of where the arcs of Homelander and Butcher might go in Eric Kripke's The Boys.
  • However, with the changes the showrunner made in the adaptation, it seems that the canon death of Homelander is a no-go for the show.
  • This leaves room for fan speculation, and some theories are even more shocking than the original version of events.

The Boys Season 4 is just around the corner, and according to the teasers and trailers, the stakes are as high as ever for Homelander's Seven and Butcher's Boys.

While so far it looks like Butcher is going to lose spectacularly in his war against Supes, fans of Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson's comic book series that inspired Eric Kripke's show know that Homelander is also living on borrowed time.

However, it seems that his ending will have to deviate from the source material. And fans know exactly where it should go on screen.

Homelander's End in the Comics

It may be hard to believe, but Homelander's death does not end the comic book series. In fact, he is not even killed by Butcher. Since the leader of the Seven is as invulnerable in the books as he is in the show, it takes an equally powerful opponent to finally finish him off.

It is none other than - wait for it - his own clone. It turns out that Black Noir, who has been a part of the Seven forever, is actually Homelander's genetic copy, and it was he who assaulted Becca Butcher. So while Black Noir is still weak from the fight with Homelander, Butcher gets his revenge by destroying his brain with a crowbar.

But that doesn't satisfy the leader of the Boys, and he sets out on a mission to wipe out all Supes with the help of a special virus (sounds familiar, right?), which is a whole new, dark story.

Homelander's End as Pitched by Fans

The comic book Homelander's death is hardly possible now that Black Noir is gone. Besides, other important storylines and characters have been changed in the adaptation.

So the way Homelander will meet his end on screen leaves a lot of room for speculation, which fans bored by the long wait between seasons are happy to do. And some of these theories are actually stunning and feel even stronger than the canon version.

Homelander is easily the most hated character in the Amazon series. He's the epitome of evil, and The Boys fans are not holding back when it comes to imagining various death scenarios for him.

But death doesn't seem to be enough for the sociopathic Supe, so fans on Reddit came up with a much better idea: instead of the easy death, Homelander should live a life of agony as the one he despises - a powerless, weak human. And lactose intolerant, to add to his suffering.

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Now that's a nasty twist. There's no doubt that the Supe would not be able to accept such humiliation and would try to follow in the footsteps of his ex, Stormfront, by taking his own life. Fans even imagined how such a scene might play out.

‘Imagine if the guards walk in on Homelander and we see just his feet floating above the ground. The audience is led to believe that he regained his powers. Then the camera cuts out and it’s shown that he just hanged himself,’ redditor u/GodNonon wrote on The Boys subreddit.

This certainly sounds like a mind-boggling finale to Homelander's arc, doesn't it?

The Boys Season 4 is set to premiere its first three episodes on Prime Video on June 13, 2024, after which episodes will be released on a weekly basis.

Source: Reddit.

Which ending would you prefer for Homelander?