That Bridgerton Scene Everyone Labels 'Stupid' Actually Makes Sense

That Bridgerton Scene Everyone Labels 'Stupid' Actually Makes Sense
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It is in fact an eloquent moment.


  • There were many things Bridgerton fans were disappointed about in the new third season of the show.
  • Surprisingly, it's not the main couple that is being discussed the most online, but a secondary character who only appears for a few seconds.
  • Many fans think that Michaela Stirling's introduction scene is a mess and proof of bad writing.
  • But in fact, it has a simple explanation that paves the way for future story.

Bridgerton Season 3 has become highly divisive among the many fans of Netflix's flagship show, garnering both praise (that carriage scene!) and criticism online. Surprisingly, the most discussed part of the chapter is not the central couple, Penelope and Colin Bridgerton, but another character who burst into the final moments of the last episode and managed to infuriate hundreds of people just by their appearance.

We are talking about Michaela Stirling, of course. Even if you haven't read Julia Queen's source books, you must have learned by now that Bridgerton fans are in such a frenzy about Michaela because she's a gender-flipped future love interest of Francesca Bridgerton, and that means a lot of changes in the original story.

'Stupid' Scene

To be fair, it is not the gender switch per se that bothers the majority of fans, but the way Michaela was introduced in the show. Many felt that Francesca's immediate interest in her spoiled the relationship between Fran and John that had been built up over the course of the season. Besides, in the books, it is Michael Stirling who has been nursing a desperate love for his cousin's wife for years.

But the thing that pissed off the majority of the viewers was the seemingly incoherent conversation between Michaela and Francesca. It seemed stupid that Michaela didn't know who Fran was and asked her: 'And you must be?'

Okay, Michaela was not at the wedding (for some reason), but did John not tell his cousin that he got married? Many viewers used this moment as proof of the inadequacy of Season 3 writing.

However, this line actually has a very simple explanation that also helps with at least one other concern.

Wishful Misinterpretation

Of course, John told Michaela all about his new wife. However, when she approached him and the two Bridgerton sisters standing in front of him, she automatically thought that Eloise was the new Lady Kilmartin. Note her nod of recognition at the beginning of the conversation. She greets Eloise as her new sister.

And then she starts saying flirtatious things about herself, and only then turns to Francesca with the brightest smile and asks her who she is. Michaela clearly knows that John is now married into the Bridgerton family and realizes that the girl standing next to John's wife (in her mind it's Eloise) is someone related to her. But there are eight siblings, and the family keeps growing with the addition of love interests, so Michaela's question is justified.

The most striking thing about this explanation is the fact that Michaela chose Eloise as John's wife, clearly singling out Fran as a desirable woman - we can assume from Michaela's body language that she is well aware of her own sexuality and is not afraid to scandalize society a bit. She wants Francesca to be available for a little flirting game. And even looks disappointed when the girl turns out to be John's wife.

All this makes us think that not only was Fran smitten with Michaela the moment she saw her, but that the feeling was mutual. And that puts the canon love story back on track.

Are you looking forward to Francesca and Michaela's love story?