Take A Pick: 5 Harry Potter Magical Artifacts Fans Wish They Had In Real Life

Take A Pick: 5 Harry Potter Magical Artifacts Fans Wish They Had In Real Life
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If you could have anything from the wizarding world, what would it be?

Let's take a wild, whimsical ride for five minutes and imagine that J.K. Rowling's magical universe actually exists.

It would be a depressing thought for anyone over the age of eleven who has not received an admission letter from Hogwarts (or any other wizarding school, for that matter). But once we've accepted the fate of being a Muggle, such a notion actually presents an exciting opportunity.

Since the wizarding community exists, so do the magical artifacts they have created, and these could fall into our hands. Harry Potter fans recently took to Reddit to discuss this hypothetical situation and choose which items they would most like to get their hands on.

Here are their top 10 artifacts. Let's see if your pick is one of them.

Hermione Granger's Beaded Handbag

This may not be your fashion style, but an Undetectable Extension Charm placed on Hermione's bag would allow your entire house to fit inside. Imagine traveling with just one small bag in your hand.

Of course, without a wand that can do the Accio Charm, it would be almost impossible to find anything inside. You would have to step inside every time. Also, getting through the x-ray scanner at an airport could be a real issue.

The Philosopher's Stone

The mystical object is an obvious choice because it does two things that people have been dreaming about for thousands of years. It produces an elixir that prolongs human life, and it turns any metal into gold. So, wealth and immortality rolled into a single package. Even better, you don't have to live forever, you can stop drinking the elixir at any time and eventually die of old age.

The problem is that even in the wizarding world there was only one Philosopher's Stone and it was destroyed, as we all read in the first book.

A Time-Turner

Another artifact that quickly comes to mind is a Time-Turner, the device that allows time travel. It would be nice to be able to go back in time and correct your mistakes, or just get more hours in the day to do whatever you want.

However, even the Harry Potter universe doesn't seem to have strict rules for the use of a Time-Turner. In the original series, the timeline is fixed and events can't be changed. But in Cursed Child it is completely different. Besides, if time travel movies have taught us anything, it is that living life in the present and to the fullest is the best way.

An Invisibility Cloak

We know that Harry's Invisibility Cloak was unique, a Deathly Hallow. But in the wizarding world, there are a number of garments that can make you invisible, and many fans would choose them over other magical items.

If you think about it, though, it's hard to imagine an activity that would be done in an invisibility cloak that wouldn't break some law or social rule. So it is probably best that cloaks remain within the wizarding community.

Felix Felicis

A not-so-obvious but actually smart choice is a supply of a magic potion known as 'Liquid Luck'. It gives anyone who drinks it a superpower reminiscent of Domino's in Marvel Comics. Things simply start to happen in a way that gives the user the best possible outcome in any situation. Imagine buying a lottery ticket or opening a business with such a tool.

There seems to be no downside to this option. All we have to do is find a talented potion master, right?

Source: Reddit.