Spoilers: Here's How Daemon Dies in House of the Dragon

Spoilers: Here's How Daemon Dies in House of the Dragon
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We should expect an incredibly epic and tragic battle.


  • The second season of House of Dragons has arrived.
  • Fans are concerned about the fate of Daemon Targaryen.
  • Although his death is imminent, it will be an epic battle with another powerful dragon rider.

After almost two years of waiting, we finally got the premiere of the second season of House of the Dragon, a Game of Thrones prequel that takes place about 200 years before the main events and is arguably even more popular than the last few seasons of the flagship series. So far, the show has followed Fire & Blood, a fictionalized chronicle of the Targaryen family written by George R.R. Martin, pretty much to the letter. And given the intense and very bloody events of the first two episodes of Season 2, we have no reason to believe that the writers, led by Ryan Condal, will make any major plot deviations in the upcoming episodes.

The civil war, aptly named the Dance of the Dragons, is in full swing, sweeping across Westeros. And of course, one of the main protagonists is Matt Smith's Prince Daemon Targaryen, riding the enormous blood-red dragon Caraxes. Aside from all the problematic aspects of House Targaryen, Daemon is a very popular character, and many fans unfamiliar with the source material wonder if they should start worrying about the rogue prince's fate.

Unfortunately, it will happen sooner or later, and with the war in full swing, we may see Damon's death either this season or next. But let's find out exactly how the mighty dragonrider died.

Daemon Targaryen's Death

However, if you are ready for some major spoilers, then brace yourselves, dear friends. We are going to talk about the death of not one, but two central characters. One of them, as you may have guessed, is Daemon himself. The other is... Aemond (Ewan Mitchell). Yes, both intimidating dragonriders on opposite sides of the barricades will die in an epic battle sparked by the death of Lucerys (Elliot Grihault) in the show's Season 1 finale.

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At one point in the book, Daemon, still angry at his own nephew, challenged Aemond to a one-on-one aerial duel. At Harrenhal, Daemon waited for him for nearly two weeks, but Aemond eventually showed up. Their conflict became known as the Battle Above the Gods Eye.

Two of the most powerful dragons in history, Caraxes and Vhagar, clashed in a brutal battle that came to symbolize the entire Dance of the Dragons. I It should be noted that Aemond tightened his saddle chains while Daemon remained loose in the saddle, which partly worked to his advantage.

In the air, with the dragons at each other's throats, Daemon leapt from his saddle and sliced through Aemond's blind eye with his Valyrian steel blade, Dark Sister. Both dragons and riders promptly fell from great heights into the water, and the chronicles record that both perished.

When Will It Happen in the Show?

Considering that HBO renewed House of the Dragon for a third season this month, it's likely that nothing as big as the Battle Above the Eye of the Gods will happen this season. After all, both Matt Smith and Ewan Mitchell are incredibly popular actors who keep many fans coming back to the show.

It's likely that if the writers don't make the battle part of the finale, it will still happen near the end of the story, as without the two main dragonriders, the Civil War and the subsequent deaths of first Rhaenyra and then Aegon will come to an end.

Until then, we can only wait for the new episodes and watch the events of the Dance of the Dragons unfold. The new episode of the second season of House of the Dragon will be released on HBO on June 30, 2024.