Spinster Or Eligible Bachelorette? Ranking Bridgerton S3 Characters From Youngest To Oldest

Spinster Or Eligible Bachelorette? Ranking Bridgerton S3 Characters From Youngest To Oldest
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Looks like it might be too early to call Pen, Eloise, and Cressida spinsters.

Bridgerton Season 3 was all about butterflies (or should we say bugs?) and transformations, the most notable of which was the glow-up of the chapter's lead, Penelope Featherington. Over the course of the season, the invisible wallflower spinster became a beauty, a wife and mother, a writer accepted by the Queen herself, and an influencer of the ton.

But was she really a spinster? If you raised an eyebrow when you read that word in the previous sentence, you are not alone. Although the word was mentioned a few times in the new episodes in reference to Pen, it seems that our lead's situation was exaggerated.

Spinster vs. Eligible Bachelorette

Yes, Regency ladies were supposed to marry young and quickly dismissed as spinsters if they couldn't (or wouldn't) find a husband. But even in real life, a single woman had to be 24-25 before she became an old maid. And Penelope is much younger than that.

As for men, they never faced social stigma for not marrying young. If anything, they were expected to get an education and a purpose in life before starting a family. That's why Benedict is in no hurry to settle down.

If all this talk has left you wondering exactly how old the Bridgertons and other members of the society shown in Season 3 are, we are here to provide that information. The Netflix show is pretty vague about timelines and character ages. But combing through the details of previous seasons and the scripts for them helped us figure out this information.

Younger Generation

To rank the younger generation of Bridgerton Season 3 characters, let's start with the titular characters (including their spouses). Keep in mind that in the Bridgerverse, Season 3 takes place in the year 1815 (with the exception of the final time jump, which brings the action to 1816).

  • Hyacinth Bridgerton - 12
  • Gregory Bridgerton - 14
  • Francesca Bridgerton - 18
  • Eloise Bridgerton - 20
  • Penelope Bridgerton (née Featherington) - 20
  • Colin Bridgerton - 22
  • Kate Bridgerton (née Sharma) - 27
  • Benedict Bridgerton - 28
  • Anthony Bridgerton - 30

As you can see, both Penelope and Eloise, who were born around the same time, are years away from being called spinsters, even though they are in their third year on the marriage market. So if they use the word to describe themselves, it's probably for dramatic effect. If anything, Kate fell into the 'old maid' category when she married Anthony last year, and Benedict could be called that if he were a woman.

As for the other Season 3 characters, we can only guess at their ages because the scripts don't specify them.

  • Cressida Cowper - 20
  • Philipa Finch (née Featherington) - 21
  • Prudence Dankworth (née Featherington) - 23
  • John Stirling - 23
  • Michaela Stirling - 24
  • Albion Finch - mid 20s
  • Harry Dankworth - mid 20s
  • Alice Mondrich - late 20s
  • Tilley Arnold - late 20s
  • Will Mondrich - 30
  • Alfred Debling - early 30s

Older Generation

In addition to the younger generation, Bridgerton has an array of amazing older characters, some of whom are ready to start a romance of their own (aren't Violet and Marcus the cutest couple?). Their ages are mostly kept under wraps, but we have logic, books, and real life to go on.

  • Portia Featherington - 40s
  • Araminta Cowper - 40s
  • Violet Bridgerton - 49
  • Marcus Anderson - 50s
  • Lord Cowper - 50s
  • Queen Charlotte - 71
  • Brimsley - 70s
  • Agatha Danbury - 70s

We assume that Queen Charlotte's age is the same as her real-life counterpart, who was born in 1744. Also, it is likely that Ladies Featherington, Cowper, and Bridgerton entered the marriage mart at about the same time. What an amazing spinoff this story would make for, wouldn't it?

Would you watch a spinoff based on Violet and her peers debuting into society?