Season 7 Part 2 Teaser Proves Outlander is Set to Fix Its Biggest Mistake

Season 7 Part 2 Teaser Proves Outlander is Set to Fix Its Biggest Mistake
Image credit: STARZ

Looks like we're in for more drama, more passion, and more Jamie and Claire!


  • For a long time, Outlander's big problem was rushed events that took the focus away from the story's protagonists.
  • Recently, Starz released a teaser trailer for Season 7B.
  • According to it, we should expect more passionate dynamics of our favorite characters.

Outlander Season 7, Part 1 ended last August, and since then we've been in another agonizing period of Droughtlander. However, now that the Hollywood labor disputes are over and all embargoes have been lifted, we know that the remaining episodes of Outlander Season 7 are in post-production and Season 8 is in the active phase of filming. Recently, Starz announced the release dates for the upcoming episodes, and we only have six months to wait.

Along with that, the network released a teaser that hints at what we can expect from the upcoming events. It looks like the writers have listened to the pleas of their fans and have finally given us what we've all wanted for a long time, which is more focus on the people the show is built around — Jamie and Claire.

A Major Issue That Has Plagued the Show All Along

Let's be honest the story has become more convoluted: in addition to the War of Independence in the background, the drama between Jamie and his biological son William unfolded, leaving room for speculation as to whether their relationship would develop at all in the future (and how Lord Jon would react). Also, we still worry about the fate of Jemmy and the Roger who pursued him into the past.

Overall, the storylines have become myriad: in Season 7A alone, we've seen a slew of new characters, from historical figures and William to Quakers Rachel and Denzell. Given that the events of the first half of the season felt incredibly rushed (and given that Season 8 will be the last), we're really worried about whether the writers will be able to juggle all the arcs and the central storyline of Jamie and Claire.

New Teaser Suggests the Mistake Has Been Fixed

Of course, Gabaldon and the screenwriters who have adapted her novels undoubtedly have as one of their goals to convey a drama that spans different historical eras and, as a result, different people. But for many of us, the main attraction is the passionate relationship between Claire and Jamie, because nothing can overcome space and time like their love.

And so, on June 1, 2024, Starz released an uplifting teaser for Outlander Season 7, Part 2. Why uplifting, you ask? Well, at least the writers seem to have listened and the upcoming episodes will have a huge focus on Jamie and Claire. You can check out the clip below:

'Wouldn't you sacrifice everything for love?' Claire asks in the teaser, and yes, we're willing to sacrifice everything for your and Jamie's love, Mrs. Fraser! Even sacrifice other storylines.

What to Expect from Outlander Season 7B

The second half of the season may fully cover the remaining events of An Echo in the Bone, and will probably even move on to the next novel in the series, Written in My Own Heart's Blood. So, as we said, there's good reason to worry that the plot and pacing of future episodes will be even more rushed.

Apparently, Episode 9 will cover the events in Scotland and give us some reflection of Jamie and Claire at Lallybroch, but the couple may be separated again, as Claire is likely to head back to the New World in Episode 10, the title of which refers to both Lord John and his brother, as well as Philadelphia itself, The City of Brotherly Love. We hope that this will be followed by no less passion between our favorite protagonists.

We'll see what happens in the upcoming Outlander Season 7B, which will premiere on November 22, 2024. Meanwhile, the final Season 8 will be released sometime in 2025.