Scandal Caused By Bridgerton Siblings Is Set To Grow Every Season

Scandal Caused By Bridgerton Siblings Is Set To Grow Every Season
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Violet Bridgerton is in for some serious stress for years to come, God bless her.

Bridgerton has that title for a reason. The Netflix show, as well as the original book series, revolves around a particular Viscount family with eight kids and a matriarch who tries to raise them properly and marry them all off, following the many rules and norms of Regency society.

This, however, proves harder and harder with each sibling. There is even a long-running joke in the Bridgerverse fandom that the matriarch of the title family, Violet Bridgerton, is destined to get more and more gray hair each social season thanks to her troublemaking children.

By the time the last of them is happily married, her coiffure should be completely gray. We guess it's a good thing the Netflix show gave Violet a distraction from all her worries - the handsome Lord Marcus Anderson.

But what worries are we talking about? The Bridgerton siblings are very good at creating scandal and drama. Not even the Featheringtons can match them when it comes to stirring up high society. We've already seen some of this on screen, but there's even more to come in future seasons.

Intrigued? Here's a list of all the social scandals caused by the Bridgerton siblings, as seen on screen and written in the books.

Season 1 (Novel 1): Daphne

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Daphne always tried to play by the rules. However, she did turn down Prince Frederick picked for her by Queen Charlotte. Also, we all remember that Anthony caught her and Simon Basset kissing in the garden and challenged the Duke to a duel. Society may not have known about it at first, but the rumor must have spread. What's more, after their wedding, Daphne and Simon almost broke up over the issue of having children.

Season 2 (Novel 2): Anthony

In the book, Anthony is caught sucking bee venom from Kate Sheffield's chest, which results in their scandalous engagement. The show, however, ups the drama a notch. Anthony almost marries Edwina Sharma, but the bride runs away from the wedding, sending the queen and society into a frenzy. Then the Viscount discreetly marries Edwina's older sister.

Season 3 (Novel 4): Colin

Colin is probably one of the least troublesome of Violet's children. However, his wife, Penelope, will be the talk of the ton for a long time after she is revealed as the enigmatic gossip writer Lady Whistledown. Also, don't forget that in Season 1, Colin was determined to marry Marina Thompson and was even willing to do it in secret until everyone discovered that Marina was pregnant.

Novel 3: Benedict

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Benedict's story hasn't been adapted for the screen yet. But in the show, he's already been involved with scandalous people. Apparently, sex, drugs, and pop instrumentals are his thing, and he can't hide it from society. And if his solo season is anything like the novel, Benedict will marry far below his station and even bail out his love interest from jail at one point.

Novel 5: Eloise

In her book, Eloise does something unthinkable for a Regency lady - she sneaks off alone to the estate of a potential suitor and stays there until her family tracks her down. Her mother and siblings even thinks she's been kidnapped. Imagine their stress level! In addition, Season 2 of the show added extra layers of drama with the scandalous Lady Whistledown column, which exposed Eloise for consorting with radicals.

Novel 6: Francesca

The sixth Bridgerton is the quietest of the siblings and probably the least scandalous, if we don't count her defying the queen's wishes and choosing a suitor other than the one intended for her. In Season 3, she married John Stirling, an earl, and left for Scotland. But the girl is in for a rough ride. In the books, two years into the marriage, her husband dies and she miscarries, which is not exactly a scandal, but certainly gives Violet a lot of gray hair. Also, the series made Francesca gay, which was illegal in the Regency era.

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Novel 7: Hyacinth

So far, we've seen Hyacinth and Gregory as children on the show. But in the books, they are grown-ups and pull the craziest stunts. Hyacinth, for example, breaks into a baron's house several times in the middle of the night to find a hidden treasure. And she gets naughty with her fiancé before the wedding, moving the event to an earlier date to avoid a 7-month pregnancy.

Novel 8: Gregory

The fourth son is without a doubt the wild card of the family, and readers can't wait for his book to be adapted into a Bridgerton season. Gregory's chaotic nature reaches its peak when he crashes a wedding to declare his love for the bride. As if that wasn't dramatic enough, at one point he ties the girl up to buy time to figure out how to marry her. The level of scandal is through the roof.

Do you think Netflix's Bridgerton will last long enough for us to enjoy Gregory's story?