Revealing Bridgerton Best-Kept Secret: You'll Never Guess Brimsley's First Name

Revealing Bridgerton Best-Kept Secret: You'll Never Guess Brimsley's First Name
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You know him, you love him, but can you say his full name?


  • Previously overshadowed, Brimsley stepped into the spotlight in the Bridgerverse spinoff.
  • However, we never hear his first name in the prequel.
  • Julia Quinn revealed that she had the opportunity to christen the footman while writing the book based on the series.
  • The name, and especially its use, has a deep meaning in the novel.

Let's be honest, we all only started paying attention to Brimsley, Queen Charlotte's right-hand man and steadfast confidant, last May when Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story landed on Netflix.

Despite his subtle presence throughout previous seasons of Bridgerton, it wasn't until the spinoff series that fans truly grasped the depth of his character. Suddenly, Brimsley wasn't just the Queen's shadow, he had a rich backstory and a love affair that could rival the Bridgerton siblings' drama.

The Love Story We Didn't Know We Needed

Enter Reynolds, King George's valet, and the unexpected flame to Brimsley's candle. Their clandestine romance sent Bridgerverse fans on a drooling journey. Their relationship, touching and somewhat heartbreaking, echoed the turmoil of their royal bosses.

They defied the norms of the ton, they loved, they yearned, they argued but seemed solid like no one. Yet, amidst all the passion, there was one thing missing - their first names.

Not a single time in the prequel do we hear Brimsley's or Reynold's first names. This is symbolic, really. As servants of the court, they are, in the grand scheme of things, nothing more than blips in history, no matter how many royal decisions both influenced.

However, eagle-eyed fans may have noticed that Brimsley's name appears once in the Queen Charlotte novel penned by Julia Quinn and Shonda Rhimes.

Unlocking the Mystery of Brimsley's Name

Julia Quinn, the mastermind behind the Bridgerton series, revealed that she embarked on a quest to discover Brimsley's elusive first name when she felt the need to use it in her latest novel.

'I got to give Brimsley a first name. That was really fun,' Quinn told Business Insider. 'I kept emailing everybody going, “Does Brimsley have a first name? Does anybody know if we ever gave him a first name?” And finally, it took a while, people were like, “No, I don't think he does.” And I was like, “Yes.”'

So what name did she choose? Bartholomew. The writer said it 'seemed right' and we can't help but agree. Bartholomew Brimsley - a name that feels both fitting and fanciful, adding another layer of depth to the character.

Why the Name Matters

In a world where footmen are known solely by their last names, the use of Bartholomew's christening name is a significant moment. Of course, it is Reynolds who says the name in the book. The use of the first name reads as a kind of glimpse into the lovers' private world. It's an endearing testament to their genuine connection and the intimacy they share.

What about Reynolds, you might ask? What's his first name? Sadly, that remains shrouded in mystery. Neither the show nor the book bestows him with a given name.

Yet, Queen Charlotte novel's readers get a glimpse into Reynolds' backstory. It turns out that he was assigned to be the king's playmate at an early age and spent years at his side. This revelation sure explains a lot about Reynolds and his unwavering commitment to his friend and master, King George.

Source: Business Insider.