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Prime's Upcoming Period Drama My Lady Jane is a Worthy Bridgerton Successor

Prime's Upcoming Period Drama My Lady Jane is a Worthy Bridgerton Successor
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Bridgerton-esque take on the tragic life of the Nine Days' Queen.


  • The fourth season of Bridgerton won't be released for another two years.
  • Until then, fans can focus on the new period drama on Prime Video.
  • The show will tell the alternate history of Lady Jane Grey in a comedic way.

As much as historical drama, audiences love what-ifs, as evidenced by the popularity of many shows released in the last decade. For All Mankind demonstrated what would have happened if the space race had continued into the 2000s, Hunters showed us an alternate version of the 1970s in which the Nazis attempted to establish the Fourth Reich, and The Man In The High Castle combined an alternate history of WWII with concepts of the multiverse. Each of these shows has been praised for its historicism and the dramatic nature of what could have happened.

However, an equally interesting approach is a revisionist perspective on the alternate history genre, where instead of an extremely realistic angle, a more lighthearted and even somewhat comedic version of historical periods is provided, devoid of many social issues and dramatic events. For example, Hollywood offers a more inclusive version of the film industry in the late 40s, and Bridgerton, of course, romanticizes the atmosphere of Regency London.

Meanwhile, Prime Video is preparing to release a new comedy-drama that is clearly capable of pulling off Netflix's Bridgerton. Let's find out what the show is all about.

What Is Prime Video's New Period Drama?

Lady Jane Grey is among the many unfortunate victims of political intrigue in Tudor England, but her fate is considered one of the most tragic and is firmly embedded in English cultural memory. Her image has been associated with innocence and martyrdom since the days of Elizabeth I.

But what if Lady Jane had escaped the tragic fate of execution and found herself involved in even crazier monarchical intrigues?

Such a concept was introduced by Brodi Ashton, Cynthia Hand and Jodi Meadows as part of their young adult novel series that began with My Lady Jane, published in 2016. And now, in just a few days, a live-action adaptation of My Lady Jane will land on Prime Video's library, promising a comedy-adventure spin on the events of the mid-16th century.

The series follows the political machinations that led to Lady Jane Grey becoming the successor to the throne of England after King Edward VI, and spending only 9 days as queen before being sentenced to death. Only in the story does she manage to escape the execution, and together with the charismatic Lord Dudley, Lady Jane goes on all sorts of adventures full of swashbuckling and romance. The series stars Emily Bader, Edward Bluemel, Jordan Peters, Anna Chancellor, Dominic Cooper, Jim Broadbent, Will Keen, Rob Brydon, Kate O'Flynn and more.

Is It a Worthy Successor to Bridgerton?

The new season of Bridgerton won't be out anytime soon, as Jess Brownell shared that it will take the team about two years to produce Season 4. And considering that Season 3 was disappointing for many, Lady Jane Grey might be a good substitute.

Stylistically, the series feels more like a combination of Tony McNamara's The Great, David Jenkins' Our Flag Means Death and Sally Wainwright's Renegade Nell. Each of these series offers an idyllic reimagining of historical events and figures, while at the same time offering a very deep reflection on the historical period, its everyday life, and how it is perceived in 21st century pop culture.

Judging by the trailer, though, we can expect no less pomp, romance, and modern interpretations of historical figures than in Netflix's flagship series. Lavish costumes? Check. Mix of historical and modern language? Check. The atmosphere of passionate romance overwhelming the plot? Also check!

All in all, we're excited! My Lady Jane will premiere on Prime Video on June 27, 2024.