Petition Launched to Release Colin & Penelope's Deleted Bridgerton S3 Scenes

Petition Launched to Release Colin & Penelope's Deleted Bridgerton S3 Scenes
Image credit: Netflix

15 thousand people signed the petition in a single day!


  • Briderton fans are demanding that Netflix and Shondaland restore deleted scenes from Season 3.
  • According to viewers, these scenes were essential to the development of the relationship between Polin and Briderton.
  • The petition has nearly 50 thousand signatures.

Despite Netflix's unpopular decision to split Bridgerton's third season into two parts, the remaining episodes released on June 13 were a treat. The month-long wait was more than worth it: more lavish gowns reinterpreting Regency fashions, more intrigue at this social season, and, of course, plenty of passionate scenes between Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington (or perhaps, now we should say Mrs. Bridgeron), played by the incomparable Luke Newton and Nicola Coughlan.

Unfortunately, the stumbling block that somewhat overshadowed the joy of the excellent adaptation of Julia Quinn's Romancing Mister Bridgerton turned out to be more than just the splitting of the story into two parts. Viewers began to claim that the story had much less romantic scenes than had been promised during the promo campaign.

Frustrated fans started a petition demanding that the cut scenes with Polin be released. And in just a few days, the petition gained incredible traction.

Petition to Restore Deleted Scenes from Bridgerton S3

On June 14, 2024, one day after the release of the remaining episodes of season three, someone signing as Polin Bridgerton posted a petition on demanding that the cut scenes be returned as a standalone episode or that Netflix update the episodes in its library to include these moments. Well, Netflix, you should definitely listen to such an important voice of London society, otherwise there will be more vicious gossip!

'There is nothing that makes me happier than being with you,' Penelope told Colin this season. Despite all the tension and anxiety between them before and after the wedding, it was obvious how happy they were.

However, the season turned out to have too much drama and not enough romance, contrary to what Netflix promised. According to the petition, 'a bunch of people' (presumably meaning journalists or production staff) were able to watch the new episodes before the official release. According to them, they contained much more passionate and happy moments with Polin, which could have made Season 3 not only more consistent and balanced, but also much more emotional and romantic overall.

When Colin learned of Lady Whistledown's identity, his relationship with Pen cooled. But as soon as Queen Charlotte publicly expressed her approval, Colin immediately realized how wrong he was about Pen and her choices. Of course, fans would have liked to see a deeper revelation of Colin's feelings, as the deleted scenes apparently would have shown that Mr. Bridgerton, despite his resentment, actually admired his wife's hobby, since Pen proved to be honest and self-sufficient.

What Scenes Were Cut from Season 3B?

The petition also includes a number of those scenes. You can see the list below:

  • An extended scene in front of a mirror where Colin whispers tender words in Pen's ear and kisses her neck — Likely a scene from Episode 5.
  • Pen persuading Colin to publish his diaries — Probably also a moment from Episode 5 where Penelope asked Colin to read the diaries again.
  • Colin finds Pen at Genevieve's (Kathryn Drysdale), after which they kiss viciously on their way home — Apparently this moment from Episode 7 was meant to be longer and more passionate.
  • Final bed scene — In Episode 8, the montage of Polin's intimate moment was supposed to be much longer.

In just three days, the petition has reached 47 thousand signatures as of this writing (the goal is 50k), and if it doesn't slow down in the next few days, it won't be long before it reaches 100 thousand or more. Netflix and Shondaland just have to listen, so here's hoping for a possible Bridgerton Season 3 update!