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Outer Range Season 2 Dethrones Fallout as Prime's Most Popular Show

Outer Range Season 2 Dethrones Fallout as Prime's Most Popular Show
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Cowboy Walter Goggins makes way for cowboy Josh Brolin.


  • Fallout became Prime Video's flagship series and drew huge ratings.
  • A month later, however, it was dethroned by Outer Range Season 2.
  • While Fallout S2 is already in development, the future of Outer Range is up in the air.

Fallout became one of the Prime Video's most popular show, holding the #1 spot on Prime Video's list of most watched projects for a long time. But it's been over a month, and it's time for the show to move on and make room for new projects.

Just a week ago, the streaming service's library was updated with the long-awaited second season of what has been arguably the most surreal series of recent years, the sci-fi neo-Western Outer Range starring Josh Brolin. While the show's popularity was nowhere near Fallout's when the first season was released, it has now dethroned Fallout by taking over the number one spot.

A Sci-Fi Western Starring Josh Brolin Has Outdone Fallout

Fallout has been at the top of Prime Video's most-watched products for over a month. However, the hype around a medium always dies down sooner or later, and that's why Fallout was dethroned in May.

First, it was eclipsed by a new romcom starring Anne Hathaway and Nicholas Galitzine, The Idea of You, but that was hardly a transition to a new obsession. But now, with the arrival of a new project, Outer Range Season 2, as a top-rated TV series, we can easily draw such a conclusion.

Despite the bizarre plot, many fans regard Outer Range as the best project produced under the auspices of Amazon, due to the unique story and superb acting led by Josh Brolin. By the way, Brolin directed six episodes of the new season.

Should We Expect Outer Range Season 3?

Although the entire season was only released a week ago, many of our readers have probably already watched it and are eagerly awaiting the possible announcement of a third season. But how likely is it?

Unfortunately, the first season didn't get the best reviews. On Rotten Tomatoes, the critics score was 79% and the audience score was even lower at 61%. Still, it was enough to convince Amazon to renew the show.

The second season fared much better, with scores of 91% and 83% respectively. Moreover, Josh Brolin, who is used to the feature-length format, was surprisingly enthusiastic about the prospect of Season 3.

'The idea of a Season 3 is very intriguing and not something I would necessarily, in most cases, look forward to,' he told Variety. 'Wanting to carry a character that far for that long, even the idea of doing a play for two years just sounds awful to me. You want to get in there, 12 weeks of work, have your impact, hope it is good and get out. I think that is much more my mentality, and it is why I got out of TV in the first place…But this is different. This has its hook in me. I don't know exactly why. I don't think any of us does.'

Fallout Was the Most Streamed Show in April

According to Nielsen, Prime Video made up 3.2% of all US streaming last month and saw an encouraging 12% increase, which is the largest increase in viewership. Behind the streaming service's dramatic results last month is Fallout. The show has amassed more than 7 billion viewing minutes since its April 10 debut.

In other words, while the future of Outer Range remains uncertain for now, Amazon's other sci-fi project, Fallout, almost immediately secured a second season renewal less than a month after its premiere (Outer Range's second season wasn't announced until six months later).

Both shows are fully available for streaming on Prime Video.

Source: Variety.

Which of the two sci-fi shows on Prime Video do you think is the best?