JoAnna Garcia Swisher Teases OMG Moments in Sweet Magnolias Season 4

JoAnna Garcia Swisher Teases OMG Moments in Sweet Magnolias Season 4
Image credit: Netflix

We'll have to hold off on the margarita cocktails for a while. But it will be worth the wait!


  • JoAnna Garcia Swisher recently confirmed the completion of filming on Sweet Magnolias Season 4.
  • According to the actress, 'it's been a magical season.'
  • We should expect Season 4 to be released in early 2025 at the earliest.

With the end of last year's WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, production on many shows is moving at a brisk pace, and in the case of Sweet Magnolias, one of Netflix's flagship shows, the writers began work almost immediately on the next season, adapting Sherryl Wood's novels to bring new trials and tribulations to the small South Carolina town of Serenity, as well as joyful moments of friendship and mutual support.

And while Netflix has yet to announce a release date for Season 4, the date is clearly getting closer as more and more information about the upcoming season is popping up on social media. For example, Maddie Townsend cast member JoAnna Garcia Swisher recently published an incredibly intriguing post. It looks like we can expect a competent continuation of last season's storylines as well as even more OMG moments.

An Exciting Update for Sweet Magnolias Season 4

The previous season landed in the streaming service's library last year, and since then, aside from fan speculation, we haven't had much information about when Season 4 will be released or what to expect from it.

However, we finally have what we've been waiting for so long — we now know that filming has finally wrapped, which means we'll likely get the long-awaited Season 4 next year.

This was confirmed by a recent post on JoAnna Garcia Swisher's personal Instragram account. The actress attached a picture with her co-stars Brooke Elliott and Heather Headley, played by Dana Sue Sullivan and Helen Decatur, respectively. In addition, she shared a lot of details about the upcoming events. According to the actress, we should be really looking forward to it.

'I cannot wait for you all to see what we have been up to in Serenity. It's been a magical season…for reasons I cannot wait to share [smiling emoji].'

In her opinion, this is the best season in the entire history of Sweet Magnolias, and we are in for more than a few jaw-dropping scenes.

'This was BY FAR my favorite season…not just for the OMG moments (there are many of them!), but because it was a joy to make,' she concluded.

JoAnna Garcia Swisher's Instagram post can be viewed below:

When Will Season 4 Be Released?

First, it's worth noting that each season of Sweet Magnolias took about 3-4 months to film, and with post-production, they were released about 6-8 months after principal photography was done. As an example, Season 2 was filmed from April to July 2021 and premiered in February 2023. Season 3 was filmed from July to October 2022 and then dropped almost a year later in July 2023.

Season 4 was originally expected to take much longer to film and would not be completed until July. The exact reasons for the delay are unknown; it could be due to the large number of episodes in Season 4, but it's also possible that the crew and cast simply wanted to work at a more measured pace. However, as we have learned, thanks to Joanna Garcia, Swisher was able to get it done in a much shorter time frame.

Overall, an optimistic assessment might be that Netflix intends to give the season the same release window as season two. So season four could be released in February 2025.

However, it's much more realistic to assume that the upcoming season could be released in the summer or even fall of 2025. Looks like, dear friends, we should stock up on some margaritas after all and start reading novels or re-watching old seasons of our favorite cozy drama.