It's Settled: Best Character In Bridgerton S3 Is Not A Bridgerton At All

It's Settled: Best Character In Bridgerton S3 Is Not A Bridgerton At All
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It is probably the most wholesome character in the history of television.


  • Bridgerton Season 3 has caused quite a backlash in the fandom.
  • Long-time fans are not happy with the portrayal of many characters.
  • However, there was one who stole the show and left everyone craving more scenes with him.

Bridgerton Season 3 has sparked heated debates in the show's massive fandom, with many creative decisions causing backlash from veteran fans. Thus, many viewers were confused by the large number of subplots involving not only the titular family, but also other households of the ton, including the Mondriches, the Cowpers, and the Featheringtons.

According to fans, all of these characters took valuable screen time away from the chapter's romantic leads, Penelope and Colin Bridgerton. However, there was one who continued to bring sunshine with his every appearance. Bridgerton fans have even crowned him the best character of Season 3.

It is, of course, Albion Finch, the husband of Penelope's sister Philippa.

The Best Family

The Bridgertons will forever remain the central family of the Netflix series. And it is heartwarming to watch them interact. But this third installment has undoubtedly become the Featheringtons' season.

While the Bridgerton neighbors were introduced from the beginning as Penelope's dysfunctional family and the main source of the show's drama and comedy, Season 3 managed to showcase their growth in the best possible way.

Featherington matriarch Portia and her two older daughters, Prudence and Phillipa, along with their husbands, Mr. Dankworth and Mr. Finch, got the funniest scenes in Season 3. 'Insert himself where?' and 'Release the bugs!' will go down as some of the funniest lines in Bridgerton history.

In addition, the visible shift from hostility to acceptance in the relationship between the mother and her daughters, as well as between the sisters, made for the most heartwarming part of the new chapter. And many fans are sure that it was none other than Mr. Finch who brought kindness to the Featherington household.

The Green Flag

Albion Finch was introduced from day one as a passionate snack lover and suitor for Phillipa. Due to the financial difficulties of Phillipa's father, the two were not able to marry until Season 2. But Albion always remained a giant green flag.

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He may not be the brightest crayon in the box (much like his wife), but Albion is kind, supportive, and wholesome. He can be a little awkward, but in the most endearing way. He is genuinely in love with Phillipa, interested in the family he is married to, and ready to cheer them on every step of the way. Just remember his proud smile as Penelope walks into the ball after her glow-up. Now that's the sibling relationship Pen has been craving.

Every scene Mr. Finch is in, whether it's his and Dankworth's transfixed gazes at Penelope's giant wedding cake or the nervous sneeze during the Whistledown reveal, makes us adore him even more. He absolutely steals the spotlight just by being in the background.

So it's decided, Albion Finch is a golden retriever in human form. And we all need someone like him in our lives and a lot more of him in future seasons of Bridgerton.

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