House of the Dragon Had Celebrity Cameo No One Recognized

House of the Dragon Had Celebrity Cameo No One Recognized
Image credit: HBO

That's some impressive acting skills.


  • House of the Dragon Season 2 kicked off with some memorable moments.
  • Many people took to social media to discuss the premiere.
  • However, few noticed a sneaky star appearance.

House of the Dragon premiered with a bang. There's no doubt that for the next few weeks, viewers will be waking up at night and remembering the horrifying scene of two Westeros assassins, Blood and Cheese, taking the life (and head) of King Aegon's six-year-old heir.

The moment was pure nightmare (those sound effects will haunt us forever) and underscored how amazing the casting is for the HBO show. Even though Sam C. Wilson's and Mark Stobbart's characters were introduced just moments before their characters were about to carry out the despicable order of the Blacks, the actors totally killed it (pun intended) on the set.

However, there was another participant in the Blood and Cheese scene that actually got more public attention than the actual child-murder moment.

The Canine Question

After the episode, many viewers took to social media to demand justice for Cheese's dog. Cheese is a rat-catcher in the Red Keep, which allowed him to get into the castle unnoticed. The rat-catching dog was there to provide cover in case anyone asked.

However, before Blood and Cheese set foot on the royal floor, they had a little fight and Blood kicked Cheese's dog out of spite. The poor boy yelped in pain and ran off. It is this animal cruelty scene that has outraged viewers.

Many were concerned for the canine actor. But as it turns out, there's no need to worry. Cheese's dog is in fact a seasoned performer who has done more on screen than just believably roll out of a gut punch.

Yep, House of the Dragon has managed to sneak in a cameo appearance by a Hollywood star without anyone even noticing.

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Impressive Resume

The furry star's name is Bobby, and the role in House of the Dragon adds to his already impressive acting resume. His previous big role was Buddy in Cruella. Remember Estella's adorable sidekick who never left her side? That was Bobby.

'One of the great loves of my life is the dog Buddy who is played by the dog Bobby, who was a rescue dog and one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met,' Emma Stone told Reuters after the premiere of Cruella.

Bobby was rescued from the streets of Cyprus and then trained by Hollywood animal trainer Julie Tottman, who has worked on Harry Potter and other popular productions.

'Bobby is one of the easiest rescue animals I have worked with. He's so natural, he picks the acting up and he thrives doing it,' Tottman told The Mirror once.

So you see, there's no need to be worried about the furry House of the Dragon actor. The good boy certainly knows his way around the set, and the show's crew treated him with the utmost respect as a true celebrity among their ranks.

'We were nothing compared to this dog,' Stobbart joked in the interview with EW.

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