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Homelander May Not Be The Boys' Most Deadly Character, Fan-Made Chart Reveals

Homelander May Not Be The Boys' Most Deadly Character, Fan-Made Chart Reveals
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Homelander May Not Be The Boys' Most Deadly Character, Fan-Made Chart Reveals.


  • The bloodshed in The Boys is so commonplace that it is hard to keep track of all the characters killed on screen.
  • However, one conscientious fan managed to do so and even created a nice piece of infographics ranking The Boys characters according to how deadly they are.
  • Let's dive into the chart, which contains some surprises.

The Boys is first and foremost known for its gritty storytelling and graphic scenes that captivate and shock viewers worldwide. Amidst the constant bloodshed, it feels impossible to keep track of all the deaths. Yet, loyal fans persist, attempting to tally the full body count through multiple rewatches.

And one fan has triumphed! Redditor u/darrentv created an ingenious infographic that ranks The Boys characters by their kill count across three previous seasons of the show. This brilliant creation was shared on the Subreddit dedicated to the show, and garnered much well-deserved praise and attention.

Body Count

Let's dive deeper into this masterpiece of a chart and see just how deadly our beloved Supes and Vigilantes really are. Homelander has to be the worst of the bunch, right? Well, that one's trickier than you think.

Keep in mind that the list only includes those who killed more than one character, and records deaths shown on screen or mentioned in the series.

  • Starlight: 2 deaths
  • Hughie Campbell: 3 deaths
  • Crimson Countess: 3 deaths
  • Lamplighter: 3 deaths
  • Naqib: 4 deaths
  • Black Noir: 6 deaths
  • A-Train: 6 deaths
  • Billy Butcher: 9 deaths
  • Kimiko Miyashiro: 14 deaths
  • Victoria Neuman: 18 deaths
  • Frenchie: 25 deaths
  • Soldier Boy: 60 deaths
  • Stormfront: 67 deaths
  • Homelander: 159 or 38 deaths

Notable deaths on the show include: Dennis, the civilian killed by America's Sweetheart Starlight; Translucent's explosive end at the hands of Hughie; the tragic killing of Grace Mallory's grandchildren by Lamplighter; the show's first graphic death of Robin Ward, Hughie's girlfriend, which kicked off his arc; Stormfront's shocking thirst for blood when she blew up an entire floor of the building; and, of course, Homelander's memorable murder of a protester in the final moments of Season 3.

I made a chart counting the number of people everyone has killed
byu/darrentv inTheBoys

Homelander Controversy

Homelander is the most controversial figure in this rating. He could be the absolute champion with 159 kills or not even enter the top 3 with a modest (by The Boys standards) 38 murders. It all depends on whether you count the victims of Flight 37, which crashed in Season 1.

Fan opinion is divided on this. Some say that Homelander is responsible for all the deaths on that flight, because he lasered the terrorists in the cabin right in front of the controls and broke them.

Others, however, think it was a fatal coincidence and that Homelander did not intend to destroy the whole plane full of people, which partially exonerates him. In that situation, the passengers would most likely die anyway, even if Homelander didn't fly away.

So it looks like our boy Homelander will have to work hard to prove his lethality in Season 4, which premieres on Prime Video on June 13.

What do you think, should the passengers of Flight 37 be included in Homelander's body count?