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Here's Why 'The Boys' Fans Think MM Was Recast

Here's Why 'The Boys' Fans Think MM Was Recast
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Has Mother's Milk been kidnapped by a certain milk lover?


  • Viewers are buzzing about MM, thinking that the character has been recast.
  • However, he is still played by Laz Alonso.
  • The reason is the actor's new diet and the character's stressful conditions.

After a two-year wait, the fourth season of The Boys has finally landed on Amazon's Prime Video. While some fans have been less than pleased with the three episodes of the show released so far, the majority of reviews on review aggregators and social platforms have been much more vocal in their praise of the series, both from professional critics and audiences alike.

Continuing the story of a ragtag group of vigilantes pitted against the cynical superhero corporation Vought International and Homelander himself, the show has proven to be even more tense, more integrated into contemporary political discourse, and more filled with ridiculous satirical moments.

But what continues to puzzle viewers is the actor who plays one of the show's protagonists, Marvin T. Milk, also known as Mother's Milk or simply MM. His appearance is strikingly different from that of the previous three seasons. But what's changed? Has the character been recast? Let's find out.

Fans Believe That MM Was Recast

Speculation among fans about a possible recast of the beloved character, played in the first three seasons by the talented Laz Alonso, came a month before the release of the new season of The Boys, when Prime released the Season 4 trailer.

Of course, with the arrival of the first three episodes, the confusion has only increased, because this time around, Mother's Milk looks nothing like his former self. He's lost a lot of weight, and while his presence is still somewhat menacing (which we know is at odds with his personality), his slumped shoulders and sunken cheeks make the situation quite alarming. A different beard shape also plays a role, as the character now has a soul patch instead of a full beard.

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This is not at all characteristic of Laz Alonso, who is known for his passion for fitness.

But Is It True?

So was the character recast? Well, the credits come to the rescue by saying no, MM is still played by Laz Alonso in the fourth season. But why such a noticeable change in appearance?

It was a conscious decision made by the actor himself because, as we said, he takes care of his body and its shape. Not long ago, Alonso posted a video on his Instagram account in which he shared that he was concerned about what nutrients he needed for health and active fitness.

'Anything that you put in your body that your body doesn't need, your body is just gonna excrete, but it just puts your body under unnecessary stress, having to filter out stuff that you didn't need in the first place.'

His Transformation Has an In-Universe Explanation

But of course the writers couldn't help but explain such a dramatic change in MM's appearance in terms of The Boys lore. Already in the first episode it is mentioned that MM stopped eating because of the stress and overwork he was under.

Also, let's not forget that the character has OCD, which unfortunately often leads to eating disorders. Since he was also reading a book about OCD in the episode, that may have been a factor in why he lost so much weight.

Mother's Milk and The Boys are in a much tighter spot now, working with the CIA and being constantly threatened by Vought. So hopefully the character can take a healthier path. The next episode of The Boys' fourth season, titled Wisdom of the Ages, will be released on Prime Video on June 20, 2024. Don't miss it!