Here's Where & When to Stream Kristen Stewart's Love Lies Bleeding

Here's Where & When to Stream Kristen Stewart's Love Lies Bleeding
Image credit: A24

Soon, the new Kristen Stewart movie will be available for streaming!


  • Love Lies Bleeding was warmly received at Sundance and in its theatrical release.
  • Critics and audiences alike appreciated its clever queer reimagining of the neo-noir thriller tropes.
  • The film will debut on Max next month.

In January 2024, attendees at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, were treated to a new film from A24, Love Lies Bleeding, starring Kristen Stewart and The Mandalorian's Katy O'Brian. Back then, the film received rave reviews, with many openly stating that it was the best acting performance of Stewart's career and that Love Lies Bleeding was one of the finest queer movies in years.

On March 8, 2024, Love Lies Bleeding premiered in theaters across the United States, and as audiences grew, the romantic thriller's popularity only increased. Although the film ended up with a relatively modest $11 million worldwide box office gross, it received incredibly high ratings on review aggregators from both critics and audiences.

And now, the new movie is about to reach an even wider audience, as Love Lies Bleeding will be available for streaming. Let's find out why the movie has received such positive reviews, as well as how and when to stream it.

A Queer Thriller with Sweat, Iron and Blood

Love Lies Bleeding is the second full-length movie of Rose Glass' career. Her feature debut was the psychological horror Saint Maud, which wowed critics with its superb exploitation of classic films like The Exorcist as well as its portrayal of LGBTQ+ characters.

Love Lies Bleeding, meanwhile, continued a clever reimagining of pop culture from the last century, putting a twisted spin on the narrative devices of neo-noir thrillers like Brian De Palma's Body Double. And it's primarily the female characters in such films that have been reimagined — the protagonists of Love Lies Bleeding literally defy the damsel-in-distress trope.

Set in 1989, the movie follows Lou (Kristen Stewart), a young and socially inept gym manager. One of her clients is Jackie (Katy O'Brian), who dreams of going to a bodybuilding competition in Las Vegas. However, it turns out that Lou has a criminal record because of her own father, and this becomes the starting point that drags both women into a criminal frenzy. Another major source of conflict is Jackie's abuse of steroids, which Lou has gotten her hooked on. Will love triumph or will it be left to lie bleeding?

They are not polished characters, however; both are complex and deeply flawed, which was a breath of fresh air for queer cinema, because finally we were given someone whose identity was not based on worrying about what the neighborhood would think of their sexuality. All in all, Rose Glass' movies represent a major landmark for the emerging normalization of queer people in media that are driven by the very same motives as straight characters.

Viewers were absolutely delighted with the movie. On Rotten Tomatoes, for example, it boasts a 94% score from critics and an 82% score from audiences.

Where and How to Watch the Movie?


As mentioned above, Love Lies Bleeding is currently not available for streaming. However, it will be available very soon, as Rose Glass' new movie will land on Max Library on July 19, 2024. All you have to do to watch the movie is subscribe to the service. It costs $9.99 a month with ads, $16.99 a month without ads, and $20.99 a month if you want to watch it in 4K Ultra HD and with immersive Dolby Atmos audio.


The movie is also available to buy or rent on other platforms, including Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Fandango at Home, Microsoft Store, Google Play and YouTube. 4K rental prices start at $5.99 and permanent purchase prices start at $19.99. What Are Critics and Audiences Saying about Love Lies Bleeding?