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Have The Boys Just Introduced Another Dark Comic Plotline?

Have The Boys Just Introduced Another Dark Comic Plotline?
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We are not ready for the next episode.


  • Readers of The Boys source comics have always wondered if a particularly sickening original storyline would make it to the screen.
  • The Season 3 finale made the appearance of that arc very realistic.
  • But Season 4 turned it on its head, promising a tear-jerking development in the next episode.

Ever since Homelander killed off Black Noir in the Season 3 finale, fans have been expecting The Boys to introduce one of the most disturbing storylines from the original comic by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. However, it seems that the show has chosen a completely different character for this dark development. And it is going to be heart-wrenching.

The Episode 4 Heartbreak

In last week's episode 'Wisdom of the Ages', Hughie Campbell went through perhaps the worst time of his life when his father, Hugh Sr. was declared brain dead after suffering a stroke. Hughie had a hard time accepting this loss and even guilted A-Train into stealing a vial of Compound V from Homelander.

At first, the protagonist intended to use the serum on his father, hoping it would bring him back from the dead, but the conversation with Butcher convinced him that this was not a good option. Hughie's mother, however, wasn't so reasonable and nicked Compound V from her son's pocket to give to her husband.

In the final moments of the episode, Hugh opens his eyes, which is exactly what fans of the original comic have been dreading since Season 3.

Gruesome Plotline

As much as we would like to see Simon Pegg (the actor who plays Hugh Sr.) in his superhero form, the fate that is about to befall him promises to be horrific. You see, there is an arc in the comics where Vought resurrects the dead with Compound V. And it is gut-churning.

The Supes that are brought back to life are used by the evil corporation as symbols of power and invulnerability. But in reality, they are just super-powered zombies. In the pages, the conspiracy is revealed when Starlight and A-Train find Lamplighter chained in the basement of Seven Tower. As antagonistic as he was, seeing the Supe drooling, numb, and rolling in his own feces hits the reader hard.

And seeing everyone's favorite character in this zombie-like state will definitely feel twice as cruel. However, the official trailer for Season 4 leaves no room for other interpretations. At the 1m54s mark, you can see Hugh Sr. turning into a monster.

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Possible Outcome

The source graphic novels even give an idea of how Hugh's arc might end. One of Vought's zombies in the book is Hughie's very first kill, Blarney Cock, who was cut from the Amazon series. He is resurrected as a creature who mumbles incoherently and urinates constantly.

Even in this state, Blarney follows Hughie to get back what the protagonist took from him (which is a whole other dreadful story). So Hughie is forced to kill him again and burn his body to keep the Supe dead.

Unfortunately, all signs point to a similar outcome for Hugh Sr. After realizing what they've done, the mother and son duo have to stop their loved one and make sure he doesn't hurt anyone. Frankly, despite the many distressing storylines in the past, this may be one of the show's most heartbreaking.

The Boys Season 4 Episode 5 premieres June 27 on Prime Video, with three more episodes to follow on Thursdays.

Are you ready for what the next episode of The Boys has in store for the Campbells?