Greens vs Blacks: Who Has More Dragons In House of the Dragon? Full List

Greens vs Blacks: Who Has More Dragons In House of the Dragon? Full List
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The Targaryen civil war is going to be bloody.

House of the Dragon Season 2 is set to land on Max and HBO on June 16th. After a nearly two-year wait, fans of the Game of Thrones universe can't wait to return to the realm of the Seven Kingdoms and reunite with its white-haired ruling family.

The tragic ending of the premiere season laid the groundwork for the full-blown Targaryen civil war, known to all George R.R. Martin readers as the Dance of the Dragons.

The Dance of the Dragons

This name was chosen not only for the beauty of the words, but because it perfectly reflects the nature of the conflict. People of Targaryen blood are known first and foremost for riding dragons. That's what helped Aegon the Conqueror come to power in Westeros in the first place. And it's what keeps Targaryens on the Iron Throne.

But in the upcoming war between the Greens and the Blacks, both sides have fire-breathing pets. So the level of destruction, blood and terror that awaits us in the new episodes is hard to imagine.

It seems that whoever has more dragons has a better chance of winning. So let's do the math.

The Dragon Count

In Game of Thrones, it was easy to remember all the flying beasts. The Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen, had only three scaly children, Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion, who were born, grew up, and died (except for Drogon) throughout the series.

The prequel show, however, introduces a much wider range of dragons, as it is set in an era when House Targaryen was busy taming these wild, fire-breathing creatures. Also, the first season was a bit confusing with all the time jumps that made it impossible to keep track of all the beasts and their riders.

Do you know how many dragons there are in House of the Dragon?

But don't worry, we've got you covered with a complete guide to all the dragons in House of the Dragon.

The Greens

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Dragon Count: 3

Since the core of the Green faction is House Hightower, they don't have many dragons to show off. Only the children of Viserys Targaryen can claim a giant pet. But even with one of them, the Greens have a good chance of winning many battles.

  • Vhagar (Aemond Targaryen/formerly Laena Velaryon) - The largest and oldest dragon in Westeros, Vhagar stole the spotlight in Season 1. Aemond Targaryen was able to tame her after Laena Velaryon's death, shifting the balance of power away from the Blacks. Lucerys Velaryon's tragic end proved that Vhagar is a powerful weapon capable of taking down any enemy.
  • Sunfyre (Aegon Targaryen) - We haven't yet seen the golden dragon of the newly crowned King Aegon II, but he's sure to make a dramatic entrance in Season 2.
  • Dreamfyre (Helaena Targaryen) - The dragon guarding a mound of eggs in the Dragonpit isn't featured up close in the series. And since her rider is not exactly a warrior, we may not see Dreamfyre in action. However, she has a legendary status in the fictional universe. There's a myth that the dragon eggs Daenerys receives in Game of Thrones were laid by Dreamfyre.

The Blacks

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Dragon Count: 6

Formed around Rhaenyra Targaryen's claim to the Iron Throne, the Blacks have House Velaryon as an ally, doubling their dragon count.

  • Syrax (Rhaenyra Targaryen) - Introduced in the opening minutes of the premiere season, the majestic golden dragon is destined to play a major role in the coming war. After all, the formidable beast is ridden by the central figure in the conflict.
  • Caraxes (Daemon Targaryen) - The black and red dragon, known as the Blood Wyrm for being a formidable and experienced warrior much like his rider, is poised to unleash destruction on the Green army.
  • Meleys (Rhaenys Targaryen) - After her dramatic entrance at King Aegon II's coronation, Meleys, also known as the Red Queen, and her rider, Princess Rhaenys, have quickly become fan favorites.
  • Vermax (Jacaerys Velaryon) - Rhaenyra's eldest son, Jace, has shared a bond with his dragon since they were both infants. Though we haven't seen much of the creature, there's no doubt that both he and his rider will play an active role in the coming war.
  • Tyraxes (Joffrey Velaryon) - Rhaenyra's third son is too young to ride a dragon, but a beast has already been chosen for him, as Daemon mentions on screen. With any luck, we'll meet this dragon in Season 2.
  • Moondancer (Baela Targaryen) - Daemon had two daughters with Laena Velaryon. However, after Aemond stole Vhagar, only one of them got a dragon. Baela's pet hasn't appeared onscreen yet, but was referenced in Season 1.

Deceased Dragons

In the fictional world of the Seven Kingdoms, dragons can live for hundreds of years, though many die in battle before reaching old age. In House of the Dragon, we have seen two deceased beasts so far.

  • Balerion (Aegon the Conqueror) - The impressive skull in the crypt belongs to the dragon once ridden by Aegon the Conqueror himself. Nicknamed the Black Dread, he played a major role in the Targaryen conquest of Westeros and is considered to have died of old age at 200 years old.
  • Arrax (Lucerys Velaryon) - The death of Arrax and his rider at the paws of Vhagar in the Season 1 finale became the starting point for the Dance of the Dragons. Sadly, we'll never see either of them again.

Unclaimed Dragons

House of the Dragon Season 1 revealed that there are a few dragons that have either lost their riders or have not yet been claimed and are nesting on Dragonstone. Obviously, whichever side of the conflict is able to tame them will have a significant advantage.

  • Seasmoke (Laenor Velaryon) - The mystery of who became the new rider of the pale gray dragon after Rhaenyra's first husband fled remains unsolved. Most likely the Targaryen-Velaryon clan will not let another one of their dragons slip away.
  • Vermithor (King Jahaerys Targaryen) - The massive wild beast we met at the end of Season 1 is known as the Bronze Fury and once belonged to Rhaenyra's great-grandfather. Daemon has already tried to tame him, but so far without success.
  • Others - According to the source novel, the names of other unclaimed dragons are Cannibal, Grey Ghost, Sheepstealer, and Silverwing. Remember these names, as these four dragons will play their roles in the Dance of the Dragons.