From Queen Charlotte To Bridgerton S3: 5 Questions We're Dying to Get Answered

From Queen Charlotte To Bridgerton S3: 5 Questions We're Dying to Get Answered
Image credit: Netflix

Bridgerton's upcoming chapter has a lot of storylines to pick up.

It so happened that Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story became a kind of extra season of Netflix's Bridgerton. The spinoff premiered in May of last year, which puts it almost in the middle of Bridgerton Seasons 2 and 3.

In addition, Queen Charlotte, while a prequel to the original story, had a present-day timeline that revolved around Charlotte, her attempts to continue King George's line, and the friendship between Agatha Danbury and Violet Bridgerton. This timeline was set in the fall of 1814 - spring of 1815, right after Bridgerton Season 2 ended and before Season 3 is set to begin.

All of this means that while Queen Charlotte is a stand-alone story, the next chapter of Bridgerton, coming in May-June of this year, will have to pick up and expand on some of its storylines. Here are five questions we expect to be answered.

Who is the second grandchild?

At some point in the spinoff, we see Violet Bridgerton with two adorable babies. The older one is certainly Auggie, Daphne and Simon's son, born in the Season 1 epilogue. But who is the younger baby?

We can assume that it is also Daphne and Simon's child, born somewhere between Season 2 and Queen Charlotte. It seems too early for Anthony and Kate to have a heir. In any case, some sort of clarification in the coming episodes would be nice.

Will Violet's garden be tended?

Violet's sexual awakening after decades of mourning her late husband was a big theme in Queen Charlotte. She is ready to get close to a good man, but never acted on her desires in the prequel. So now Bridgerton Season 3 will have to address this arc and hopefully give us another steamy storyline.

Will we see Lady Danbury's kids & grandkids?

It was a bit of a surprise that Agatha had four children with her husband, since we never saw them in Bridgerton. Now that we know, it would be interesting to meet the adult Dominic Danbury, the sweet, brave boy from Queen Charlotte. Besides, according to the original books, one of Lady Danbury's grandchildren is set to join the Bridgerton family. So it might be time to start introducing them.

What's next for Charlotte?

Queen Charlotte learns at the end of her solo series that her daughter-in-law is pregnant with the future Queen Victoria. In real life, unfortunately, the Queen never met her granddaughter. She passed away half a year before the baby was born. So is it possible that Bridgerton Season 3 will be Charlotte's last?

What happened to Reynolds?

Now, this is the truly burning question. The prequel gave a masterfully written and nuanced story to Charlotte's valet, Brimsley. Turns out he was not just a workaholic loner, but had an extremely hot and tender romance with George's footman, Reynolds.

But in a heartbreaking twist, somewhere between the past and present timelines, the two stopped seeing each other. Now Brimsley is all alone and Reynolds is nowhere to be found, which doesn't feel right. We need to know that Reynolds is okay and that they still have a chance for a happy ending.