From Disturbing To Time-Consuming: 5 Bridgerton Arcs Fans Wish Had Never Existed

From Disturbing To Time-Consuming: 5 Bridgerton Arcs Fans Wish Had Never Existed
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It's not all kittens and rainbows.

Can you believe it's been almost three and a half years since Bridgerton first graced our screens with the spicy story of Daphne and Simon? Time flies when you're swept away by all the drama and romance, we guess.

Fans have become utterly devoted to the Shondaland series, binge-watching both the released seasons and the Queen Charlotte spinoff more times than they can count. But even die-hard viewers have their gripes. While they adore the bodice-ripping show to bits, there are a few plotlines they'd happily wave goodbye to if they had the chance to call the shots.

Curious to know which arcs fans think could do with the chopping block? Here are five storylines that, according to the fandom, would only improve Bridgerton if they vanished into thin air.

1. Daphne & Simon

Of course, the number one uncomfortable scene in Bridgerton for the majority of fans is when Daphne pushes Simon into a bedroom rendezvous he's not prepared for. Sure, it's straight out of Julia Quinn's book, but if fans had their say, they'd cut it in a heartbeat.

There are plenty of other ways to add drama to Daphne and Simon's marriage without resorting to this disturbing moment. A good old-fashioned disagreement about kids would've done the trick just fine.

2. Colin & Marina

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Colin and Marina's storyline was a source of unease for many Bridgerton fans (especially Quinn's readers). Strengthening Marina's role from the book wasn't a bad move, but dragging Colin into her drama didn't sit well with the fandom. From Marina playing on Colin's heartstrings to Penelope's desperate attempts to intervene, it left a messy trail of emotional wreckage.

Worse, it's not just Colin and Pen who are caught in the crossfire. The drama has had ripple effects, shaking up the future of another beloved canon couple: Eloise and Phillip. Looks like they'll all have to untangle this messy web before they can find their happily ever afters.

3. Anthony & Edwina

The chemistry between Season 2 leads, Anthony and Kate was sizzling, but things took a detour when Kate’s sister Edwina stepped into the picture. Suddenly, viewers found themselves knee-deep in an overwhelming love triangle drama.

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Sure, this trope can add some spice, but did it have to overshadow the main storyline? Fans were left scratching their heads as Anthony and Edwina's proposal and wedding took center stage, leaving almost no time for the actual leads to act on their incredible tension.

4. Edwina & Queen Charlotte

The moment when Edwina helped calm King George and bonded with Queen Charlotte after her failed wedding was sweet and all, but was it really necessary?

Fans can't help but feel that it stole precious screen time from Anthony and Kate, especially during such a pivotal moment for the main couple. What's even more confusing is that the bonding moment will go nowhere, as Edwina won't even be around for future seasons. Talk about missed opportunities.

5. Eloise & Lady Whistledown

Eloise being the first to discover Penelope's secret certainly added a ton of drama, but it also threw a wrench into the development of Colin and Penelope's future romance. Now Colin won't be the first to find out, and it somewhat devalues his special bond with Pen.

On top of that, fans are worried that the writers have written themselves into a corner with all the Eloise/Pen drama. How are they going to untangle this mess without resorting to some convenient and unrealistic plot twist? Hopefully, Season 3, which premieres May 16, will prove that this storyline was more than just a dramatic ploy.

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