Fear Not, House of the Dragon Fans, Season 2 Is Just The Beginning

Fear Not, House of the Dragon Fans, Season 2 Is Just The Beginning
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The creators have big plans for the Game of Thrones prequel.


  • After an uneven first season, House of the Dragon viewers have their doubts about the upcoming new chapter.
  • The biggest question is whether the show will have enough screen time to tell George R.R. Martin's original story properly.
  • Fortunately, both the author and the showrunner sound quite optimistic about the future of House of the Dragon.

Fans of the Game of Thrones universe are finally coming out of hibernation to enjoy the new eight-episode season of House of the Dragon. The uneven premiere season ended on a high note, promising the eruption of a full-blown Targaryen Civil War aka Dance of the Dragons in Season 2.

Fan Doubts

With the source material actually finished (George R.R. Martin's Fire & Blood), it seems that House of the Dragon fans have nothing to worry about. The infamous Game of Thrones downhill ride of the last two seasons will probably not find its way into the prequel.

However, there is one question that keeps popping up in fan discussions. Exactly how long will the HBO series last? Will it be renewed for Season 3 and beyond?

The pacing of Season 1 was too erratic, with some confusing time jumps and casting shake-ups that caused some viewers to drop the show altogether. Will this trend continue as the show enters the Dance Of The Dragons era? Won't the creators rush to tell the story that spans over 700 pages in the original book?

Writer's Take

When it comes to streaming giants and their policies, anything can happen. So we can't say with 100% accuracy what's in store for House of the Dragon, but we do know the direction the creators want to take the show. And it sounds promising.

Back in 2022, during Season 1, George R.R. Martin took to his personal blog to talk about the time jumps in the premiere chapter and revealed how much screen time he thought it would take to properly adapt his novel.

'It is going to take four full seasons of 10 episodes each to do justice to the Dance of the Dragons, from start to finish,' he wrote.

Showrunner Weighs In

Rumor has it that showrunner Ryan Condal is in full agreement with Martin. Deadline reported last year, just before production began on Season 2, that Condal and Martin had laid out the narrative map for the series, resulting in the abbreviated Season 2 and the plan to wrap up the story with the Season 4 finale.

On top of that, in an interview with Deadline, Condal promised that the series is done with time jumps.

'I will say, as a reward to our wonderful audience for following us through all the time jumps and recasts, they are done. We tell the story in real time from here forward,' were his exact words.

It all sounds like music to the ears of House of the Dragon fans. With three more seasons and an even pacing, the show has a chance to tell the Dance of the Dragons story without rushing or slowing down too much.

There is still the small matter of an official confirmation of these rumors by HBO. But we are sure that the love of critics and award committees, as well as the guaranteed huge audience of Season 2 will convince the big bosses at HBO that the original four-season plan is the best way to go.

The premiere of House of the Dragon Season 2 is scheduled for June 16 on both HBO and Max.

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