Fans Have An Idea On How To Fix Bridgerton S3 & It's Brilliant

Fans Have An Idea On How To Fix Bridgerton S3 & It's Brilliant
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In fact, this would solve one behind-the-camera problem as well.


  • Many Bridgerton fans took to social media to express their disappointment with Season 3.
  • Their main concern is the lack of gradual development and happy ending in the main relationship.
  • Fans on Reddit, however, found a way for the showmakers to mitigate this storm.

Bridgerton Season 3 has become a disappointment for many fans, especially those who have been rooting for the pairing of Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton aka Polin since day one of the show.

Bridgerton Season 3 - The Flaws

It seemed impossible to ruin the friends-to-lovers story based on Julia Quinn's bestselling novel Romancing Mister Bridgerton. However, the Bridgerton creators managed to let the fans down by adding too many subplots and Lady Whistledown drama that took precious screen time away from the main love arc. Fans calculated that the Polin together scenes amounted to only 16% of the entire Season 3 timeline. What a shame!

Because of this, the Polin storyline felt rushed and uneven. It lacked what the entire season (especially Part 2) was supposed to lead to - a long and juicy happy ending. Just as in the case of the previous couples, Daphne and Simon Basset, and especially Anthony and Kate Bridgerton, it seemed that Season 3 was short of one final episode that would feature the leads reconciled after the previous drama and in their honeymoon bliss.

It was this chain of thought that led Bridgerton fans on Reddit to come up with a brilliant idea. One that the Shondaland showmakers should definitely consider.

Adding Happiness & Festivity

Redditor u/Kimbahlee34 came to a subreddit dedicated to the Netflix romantic drama to pitch an idea that could fix Bridgerton's main problem. They suggested a Christmas special that would show the Bridgertons (especially Polin) in a heartwarming, festive setting.

A 90-minute special would provide an opportunity for happy scenes with Polin and their siblings. There could be an update on what's going on with Kate and Anthony in India as well as Francesca, John and Eloise in Scotland. Plus, such a concept could be visually stunning with winter scenery and a big celebratory ball. Just what we need every holiday season.

Real Life Impact

Aside from adding some much-needed fairy-tale happiness to Polin's story, a Christmas special would also resolve a behind-the-scenes issue. Showrunner Jess Brownell confirmed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that the hiatus between chapters will continue to be about two years, which doesn't sit well with Bridgerton fans.

A Christmas special, premiering next December, could soften the blow and help viewers get through the Bridgerton drought, piquing their interest in the next chapter. There could even be a plot hook suggesting the start of a new romance.

Alas, Season 3 made this amazing opportunity impossible by including a one-year time jump in its finale. Instead of a long makeup scene and marital bliss, Polin fans got a few minutes of family time. Well... so be it.

Source: Reddit, The Hollywood Reporter.

Would you like Bridgerton to have Christmas specials after each chapter?