Ever Feel For Victor Krum In Harry Potter? After This Fan Theory, You Will

Ever Feel For Victor Krum In Harry Potter? After This Fan Theory, You Will
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Heart-wrenching Harry Potter arc to ponder.


  • Harry Potter has many moments that make readers and viewers emotional.
  • Even many years after the last movie was released, fan theories reveal some previously overlooked details that hit you hard.
  • For example, the story of minor character Victor Krum is darker than we all thought.

Man, fan theories can really get to you, don't they? Especially when they dissect your favorite stories. One minute you're paying no attention to a minor character, the next you can't stop thinking about their heartbreaking fate. The same is about to happen to you as you learn what fans on Reddit have to say about Victor Krum, the Quidditch star and Durmstrang champion at the Triwizard Tournament in Harry Potter.

The Justified Question

The mind-boggling fan discussion began with a simple question that left Harry Potter fans baffled: Why was the person Victor had to save from the Merpeople in the second task the girl he had just met?

After all, the Merperson riddle specifically stated that the missing person was the one a champion would miss the most.

Come seek us where our voices sound,

We cannot sing above the ground,

And while you're searching, ponder this:

We've taken what you'll sorely miss.

Harry had to save his best friend Ron, Beauxbatons Academy champion Fleur Delacour - her little sister, Cedric Diggory - his girlfriend. In this context, the choice of Hermione as Victor's closest person raises questions.

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Yes, they did go to the Yule Ball together and shared a few library sessions. Also, she is in close proximity and agreed to go into the Black Lake. But apparently there's more to it than meets the eye.

The Lonely Champion

When you consider that Fleur’s sister arrived to Hogwarts specifically for the second task and remember how cold and reserved Victor’s parents were when they came for the final challenge, the realization hits you.

Hermione was not just Victor's most precious person at Hogwarts. She was Victor's most precious person, period. The international star became attached to the girl he had just met.

Just think about it, used to the camaraderie of Quidditch, the Durmstrang champion suddenly found himself alone in the spotlight of the Triwizard Tournament. His status as a sports star made it almost impossible for him to make new friends. Girls just giggled when he was around, boys dreamed of getting his autograph. Nobody wanted to know him as a person.

Hermione, with her immunity to popularity (years next to Harry Potter will do that to people) and her disinterest in Quidditch, was a completely different case. Besides, the two had more in common than meets the eye - both bookworms, both talented wizards. No wonder Hermione became Victor's world.

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But it was not so special for her. Their bond faded soon after they parted ways, and Victor returned to his utter loneliness amidst great success, which is heart-rending to say the least.

It's a good thing he eventually found love in his native Bulgaria, according to J.K. Rowling's chat with fans.

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Did this theory change the way you feel about Victor Krum?