Even Freya Allan Already Done With The Witcher: "Kind of Finished With It Mentally"

Even Freya Allan Already Done With The Witcher:
Image credit: Netflix

Isn't anybody still on board with The Witcher?


  • The Witcher started off as a massive hit for Netflix.
  • Recently, Henry Cavill announced that he was leaving the popular show due to creative differences.
  • Cavill has been replaced, but he isn't the only star feeling 'over' the series.

When Netflix announced that they were adapting the fantasy books-turned-video-game series The Witcher into a television show, there was some doubt about whether the streamer could pull it off. The original stories, written in Polish by author Andrzej Sapkowski, are revered in certain fantasy circles, but they were still pretty niche back in 2017.

However, the casting of Henry Cavill as the titular character created a lot of waves, and the first season of The Witcher made it to Netflix's Top 10 chart soon after the third episode dropped. Audiences who had never read the books or played the video games tuned into to watch Superman himself transform into the white-haired monster hunter Geralt of Rivia.

Three months after the series premiered, it had been viewed 83 million times (that's over 663 million hours of The Witcher streamed during that time).

However, viewership on the show dropped 48% between the first and third seasons. A lot of audience members seem to be done with the show – and so is more than one of its stars.

Cavill's Outta Here

Of course, the news that made the biggest waves was the exit of Henry Cavill as The Witcher's leading man. Following months of reported arguing on set, Cavill announced his intention to leave the series. The stated reason has been 'artistic differences'.

Liam Hemsworth is taking over the role of Geralt in the upcoming season, a change that fans are already a bit dubious about. Especially because it sounds like Cavill isn't the only star feeling like their time on the show has turned into a drag.

Ciri's Getting Too Old For This S***

Freya Allan, who portrays Geralt's adopted daughter Ciri, has also expressed that she's feeling ready to say goodbye.

It's difficult to say how much of this has to do with the changes in the Witcher-verse, and how much of it has to do with Allan simply being ready to move on. In an interview with Inverse, she admitted:

'I was so kind of finished with it mentally. Initially the challenge was thinking that I had to do two more…It's going to be the end of a massive chapter, which I'm excited for and ready for.'

As understandable as this might be, it's also pretty alarming for fans still holding out hope for a decent conclusion for The Witcher. After all, Allan is still filming the final two seasons (which are being shot concurrently) with Hemsworth.

Why Now?

Allan was only 17 years old when the first season of The Witcher started filming. It was her first major role, and her film experience was limited.

Even Freya Allan Already Done With The Witcher: "Kind of Finished With It Mentally" - image 1

The Witcher was Allan's acting school, her first full-time job, and her physical trainer: on set, she learned how to ride horses, do stunts, and hold her own while sharing the screen with experienced film stars. As Ciri, she managed to portray the character's strength and vulnerability, growing with the princess over the course of three seasons.

Now 22, Allan has a thriving career away from The Witcher. She's been cast as the lead in the upcoming The Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes as well as the recent horror release Baghead. The long, grimy days on set aren't new and exciting any more, so it's understandable that Allan is getting tired.

Still, we can only hope that she can keep up her enthusiasm a little bit longer. It sounds like the last two seasons of The Witcher will need all the help they can get.

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